Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A 4-Year Old Boy Tees It Up as The Youngest Golf Player in the Philippines

Becoming an expert in the playing field requires years of experience and practice with utmost dedication and passion towards the game. When combined with a clear mindset and vision, a dream will undoubtedly turn into reality. 

Last weekend, I got to interact with an extraordinary kid that's full of enthusiasm. In the middle of our lunch, he displayed his "moonwalk" dancing skill to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". His charismatic dancing left me in awe. 

Remember this name - Rafael Lucas de Guzman, an awesome kid that is poised to become a world-class golfer in the future.

Lucas, 4, is the youngest golfer in the Philippines who has shown exemplary competencies in the golf course for his age. 

From taking his plastic golf set with him anywhere, his playing field was moved to a real golf course which he enjoyed very much. Initially, no one was interested in teaching him because of his age, but many were surprised by his capabilities after giving him a practice session. One of his coaches stated that “he can swing and he knows the form.”

From then on, he started competing and has already won over 15-year old players. He's now currently being managed by a team of five that is all set to make him a world-class golf champion.

On the side, he did modeling at 6 months old for Rustan's baby and walked the ramp  at the age of three with no one assisting him.

As a kid with borderline genius mental capabilities, he also tops in his class and is poised to be accelerated to 1st Grade in the upcoming school year. An amazing feat for someone just about to turn five. 

Currently, he's a kid influencer for brands such as Cetaphil, Purefoods Nuggets, and Toblerone. 

He is managed by Martin Bellosillo of the Elites Management International. His manager forecasted this little boy will be a sports celebrity at an early age. More so he is confident that  Lucas will be somebody when he grows old! A star builder knows !

Lucas' focus and clear vision, combined with the guidance from his loving parents, ensures that he has a fruitful career ahead of him. It will be interesting to follow this 4-year old's path and see where he goes from here.

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