Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Ritz Azul, Joseph Marco and Miles Ocampo look back on "missed opportunities" in 2020

It is no secret that 2020 has made our plans for the year useless because no one anticipated this pandemic and we were not ready for it. A lot of missed opportunities and project cancellations happened but for the stars of Regal Entertainment's MMFF 2020 entry "The Missing" they perceived such in a positive way.

Recently, I had the chance to chat with lead stars Ritz Azul, Joseph Marco and Miles Ocampo. I asked them on what were the missing opportunities they had in 2020 that they're happy that it did not push through.

Ritz shared that the engagement was supposedly planned to happen in Switzerland. Though she though that it was a romantic idea, the proposal that happened on her fiancee's farm was more intimate and memorable because they were able to share the happiness and memories with their families.

For Miles who literally grew up in showbiz, she realized that she's at a point of her career that she will not just accept everything that is being offered to her. She lived up with the motto that a project will still eventually be given to you no matter the circumstances are if it's really meant for you.

Joseph, on the other hand, shared that he was suppose to travel after the back to back projects he did last year but he believed that even if it was put on hold, there are still better things that will come along.

Overall, the lead stars of "The Missing" is grateful for 2020.

Ritz, in an emotional sharing, is grateful that after 16 years of working she got to spend more time with her family. For Miles, it taught her not to be materialistic. And Joseph, he's happy that 2020 made him learn his self more and get hungrier to work.

In the movie, Ritz portrayed the 28-year old architect, Iris, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and hallucinations, after losing her younger sister to a kidnapping incident.

Joseph plays Job, who calls on her ex-lover Iris to go to Japan for a restoration job of an old house while Miles portrays Len, an intern of Job.

The three cast unanimously wished that the film will be recognized for Best Picture. 

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An official entry to the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival, streaming starts December 25, 2020 at Upstream.ph in the Philippines & most countries!

Watch the official trailer of "The Missing."

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