Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Give Yourself the Gift of Healthy Skin this Holiday Season

 Without a doubt, the biggest headline of this year is this pandemic, with our greatest achievement being alive and healthy. For having survived COVID-19 thus far, we all deserve some respite. And one way to reward yourself is by giving yourself the gift of staying healthy.   
The skin is the largest organ in the body¹ but skin health is often not given the attention it needs.
Priority is given to the organs that give us the sense of sight, hearing, and these days, 
the sense of taste and smell.  Unless presented with a pressing emergency, our skin usually plays second fiddle.  

The skin is the first thing we see in a person because it covers most of our body. Moreover, it lets us know if our body is feeling pain, heat, coldness,
or some sort of illness. That said, we should give it the same care that we do to our other body parts.  

Many may think that this pandemic allows our skin to breathe without irritants and pollution from our outside environment. But what people don’t realize is that the pandemic causes us a lot of stress² from facing the invisible enemy and the challenges that come with it.  Unknown to most, wearing face masks can also take a toll on the skin, causing friction between the mask and the skin.  

Beyond this pandemic, the holiday season can likewise bring harm to our skin. The weather, one of the coldest in the year, can lead to dryness and flaking.  
Moreover, the stress from holiday planning given a new normal can also lead to more stresses on the skin.  

But don’t fear – there's hope for your skin yet this season.  From the C in Christmas, turn to another C - collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, ³ for help. 
Collagen provides 
structural support for connective tissues, muscles, and skin.  Collagen helps the skin become healthy by maintaining its strength, flexibility, and elasticity.  Collagen also helps hydrate the skin, minimizing dryness, flaking, and even wrinkles. ⁵  
Vitamin C, a vitamin that helps promote collagen production making it is essential for healthy skin and hair. Since the body does not produce Vitamin C naturally, the skin needs supplementation.

Poten-Cee is the Philippines’ top adult Vitamin C brand
⁷ that has hydrolyzed collagen, that is broken down for better absorption. This Christmas, give yourself the gift of Vitamin C + Collagen for that healthier, hydrated skin, so you can face the holidays and the stresses of the pandemic,  full face forward.  


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IMS Certification YTD June 2020.   


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