Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Chlara releases her first single ‘Goodbye’ of the newly released album titled #acousticNOW

Dedicated to Air Supply, British-born Filipina singer/songwriter Chlara releases her first single ‘Goodbye’ of the newly released album titled #acousticNOW. 

Covering classic oldies is challenging but Chlara managed to give this well-known Air Supply old classic a soul-stirring twist with a healing vocal from a female perspective. Her warm vocal delivers a soft and sentimental touch on ‘Goodbye'. She immersed herself in the song and depicted how a girl lets go of her lover with bitterness and mercy in her singing. This song is a viral pick for a relaxing afternoon and surely it will bring back a lot of memories. 

Chlara’s new single “Goodbye” is now available via digital streaming​ ​ like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, deezer, MyMusic, KKBOX, Omusic, AWA, LINE MUSIC, Melon, Kakao Music, Bugs!56465. Hi-Res Audio will also be available​ on HDtracks.com, Tidal, Qobuz, HighResaudio.com, e-Onkyo, Amazon Music HD, MOOV HD.


“Goodbye” Song Preview Link: https://bit.ly/3lSWk1u

About Chlara:

British-born Filipina singer/songwriter Chlara (born Chlara Isobel Magtultol) labeled as Philippines acoustic songbird, Chlara spent the early years of her life living in England before moving to the Philippines at the age of nine. Her father Cesar who passed away when she was only two years old was a music lover and left with her his love of music.

From the age of three, Chlara was already singing and was very much influenced by the music that was constantly played at home, listening to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Air Supply, The Carpenters, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.

After moving back to the Philippines, her mum Gina enrolled her in a few singing schools, While regularly joining the school singing programs and plays Chlara also began playing the guitar at the age of 11, learning from her brother and on her own, she would watch & learn from videos on YouTube.

Before starting college, Chlara had already started writing her songs. Growing up, all she ever wanted to do was sing and have the world hear her songs and now is fully focused on achieving her dreams having signed a long-term management and recording agreement with Evolution.

She was featured in evosound's album Voices of Love together with the finest female vocals featuring Susan Wong, Olivia Ong, Julienne Taylor, Emi Fujita, Stacey Kent, Katie Melua, Chantal Chamberland with her version of Lionel Richie's Stuck on You.

Since signing to Evolution, Chlara has released 4 #acousticNOW EPs, 2 evo sessions EPs, multiple originals as well as covers. Her tribute to Avicii’s: The Nights has garnered over 22 million streams with over 700k listeners per month. Her latest cover of Timmy Thomas’s “Dying Inside to Hold You”.



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