Thursday, November 26, 2020



This Christmas season, SKY Fiber gives families the perfect gift with its SKY Fiber Holiday Giveaway that makes connection in their homes stronger via two (2) Home WiFi mesh that comes free with every online subscription to SKY Fiber’s plan 75Mbps from November 10 to December 10, 2020.  


A WiFi mesh is a must-have in every home since it makes their internet experience extra-special with its features. Aside from enhancing the internet coverage throughout the entire home, a WiFi mesh allows users to prioritize devices and applications that need faster performance.  


For families with children, parents can utilize the mesh’s parental feature, which can block inappropriate content, or manage their kids’ internet consumption – ensuring that they’ll become productive during and after their school time.  


All of these sophisticated features can be enjoyed without having to spend a hefty amount this Holiday season. According to Alan Supnet, Broadband Head for SKY, the SKY Fiber Holiday Giveaway offers unlimited internet connection and a home WiFi mesh network system that includes two free TP-Link WiFi mesh worth P10,000.    


“It is a gift that remote workers, online business owners, and learn-from-home students will love as a WiFi mesh unit enhances their productivity with seamless video conferencing, virtual classes, and other online activities in their preferred area,” he said.  “Families will enjoy binge-watching their favorite shows streamed without buffering and signal fluctuation wherever they may be in their house.”    


The SKY Fiber Holiday Giveaway Promo is an online promo available to all residents in Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna. To avail, subscribe to SKY Fiber’s 75Mbps plan for only P2,999/month through the official website or through buying a priority pass from the new SKY Zone store in Lazada.   


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SKY Fiber hopes that through this Holiday Giveaway promo, love and joy will spread in every Filipino families' home.   

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