Monday, June 22, 2020

Juan Caoile’s “Marikit”: Trending At First Try

Rookie hip-hop artist Juan Caoile makes a trending debut with “Marikit.” This track, which the rapper co-wrote with hook-singer Kyle, is an ode of appreciation to all women. In “Marikit,” Juan Caoile reminds women that they’re all special and worthy of praise and admiration. A lot of music fans are now listening to Caoile’s song, and not surprisingly, a lot of them are women.

The inspiration behind “Marikit” is Caoile’s girlfriend whom the rapper adores. What started out simply as a song for his girlfriend, “Marikit” has now spilled over and is now the most trending track in the country. 

Indeed, the song has captured the hearts across the country. Women TikTok users mainly, who have been responsible for pushing “Marikit” as a trending dance challenge on TikTok. With its bouncy beats and catchy lyrics, “Marikit” easily  reached over 240M views and uses on the platform.

The song’s quick success is a surprise for Juan Caoile and Kyle. The two did not expect the massive attention it is now enjoying given that this is the first ever track made by Caoile and collaborator Kyle.

The song blowing up on the internet as it did and becoming a viral hit was the last thing on their minds when they recorded “Marikit.” Still, Caoile is grateful for the song’s success. “Nakaka-overwhelm malaman na trending at number one ngayon ‘yung song namin. Naririnig namin siya kahit saan kami pumunta at thankful kami sa mga sumusuporta sa kanta,” said the rapper. 

“Marikit” is currently sitting atop Spotify’s Top Hits Philippines playlist. Juan Caoile, also graces the playlist cover of the popular playlist, which to date, has over 3 million followers. Juan Caoile also recently signed with star maker music label Viva Records. A new single by Juan Caoile entitled “Boses Mo” is slated for release on all streaming platforms on June 19.
Besides hitting the peak at (Spotify’s) Top Hits Philippines, "Marikit" recently aced several key spots all over the internet. Specifically, the song made number one on Spotify’s Trending Global, Viral 50 Philippines, most streamed daily on the app, as well as trending on YouTube Philippines. Over on TikTok, Juan Caoile and Kyle’s debut song is riding high on hashtag #BinibiningMarikit with 230 plus million views making it the biggest song on the Philippines today.
-        #1 Trending in Spotify Global
-        #1 Most Streamed daily on Spotify
-        #1 Spotify Philippines Viral 50
-        #1 Trending on YouTube Philippines
-        230+ Million views on TikTok for the hashtag #BinibiningMarikit

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