Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Award-winning actress Cherry Pie Picache had always been a woman of faith, until the brutal murder of her mother Zenaida Sison in September 2014.

Five years after the tragedy, ABS-CBN DocuCentral joins Cherry Pie in her quest for peace and forgiveness as she comes to terms with the past by facing her mother’s killer in the new documentary “Radical Love” airing  this Sunday (July 7) on “Sunday’s Best” after “GGV” on ABS-CBN.

The seasoned actress’ mother Zenaida was found brutally killed inside her house in Quezon City. The prime suspect was her houseboy, Michael Flores. Authorities soon discovered that it was a robbery attempt gone wrong. Michael was sentenced with life imprisonment for the crime.

Meanwhile, Cherry Pie was trying to come to terms with the tragedy. While her faith in God remained strong, she questioned her ability to forgive. “It’s hard enough when you lose a parent, but then you have to live with the fact that they were killed in that manner. But how can you ask for forgiveness if you can’t forgive?”, according to Cherry Pie.

As Cherry navigated the journey of grief, she turned to her faith to help her—and soon began to entertain thoughts of forgiveness. For more than a decade prior to her mother’s killing, she has been involved in prison ministry, which seeks to promote rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals.

In the documentary “Radical Love,” Cherry Pie looks back at the years that went by since the tragedy, and how she prepared to visit the New Bilibid Prison to face Michael. Will she find justice and peace if she forgave her mother’s killer?

Watch the documentary “Radical Love,” produced by ABS-CBN’s award-winning documentary team DocuCentral, airing on ABS-CBN on Sunday, July 7 on ABS-CBN’s “Sunday’s Best." Catch the replays on July 14 (Sunday) on DZMM TeleRadyo at 7pm, and on July 15 (Monday) on ANC at 7pm. It will also be made available on following the premiere on July 7. For more on the latest documentaries follow @DocuCentral on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For updates follow @ABSCBNpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or go to

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