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ASEAN PARTYLIST Pushes For One Professional For Every Filipino Family

There are a lot of party lists out there that are eyeing for a seat in the Congress and as for me, I'm looking for a party that is parallel with my ideals and I can partner with in terms of moving things forward for our country. I'm glad that I had the chance to have a chat with the ASEAN PARTY-LIST chairman WIN BALLADA last week and he was very clear with regards to the laws that he will propose and he was consistent all throughout our discussion on what he wanted to achieve if he will be given the seat that I'm praying for will be provided. 

The chairman and 1st nominee of ASEAN PARTY-LIST is WIN BALLADA. He is a CPA Board 2nd placer (May 1994 CPALE), Auditor, Textbook Author, husband and father to three beautiful children. 

ASEAN stands for Academicians, Students and Educators Alliance. The party was established in 2010. It is a sectoral party representing the Youth, (students, out-of-school youth) and Professionals, as Academicians/Educators (parents, natural constituents who intend to send their children to school).

Their mission is to push for the interests of Students, Out-of-School Youth, Educators, Parents, OFWs and Professionals.


Access to Education
; Adopt-A-Student Act, Faster and Cheaper Internet, Free WiFi in Schools;
Scholarships, Subsidies and Support for Reviewees, Student and Educators, Salary Upgrades for Educators;
Employment, Entrepreneurship, Ease of Doing Business, OFWs Reintegration, Enhanced TEDSA, all for Economic development,
Anti-Corruption, Anti-Red Tape, Pro-ASEAN Integration, Amend CPD, Accountability in Govt Service;

Nation-Building. Nominees are CPA-Deans, Educators, Book Authors, Practitioners and HR Professionals.

Proposed Laws of ASEAN PARTY-LIST

Isang Propesyonal sa Bawat Pamilya Act - The ASEAN knows how education changes lives and they will identify the poorest of the poor families and for each family, one or two children will be nominated and given priority to enroll in a SUC or LUC. This student will be shepherded thru college to ensure graduation without grade requirement because character is more important and sheer conviction to finish school.

The Professional Review Subsidy/Financing Program - It is a terrible waste of human capital if a student will not be able to finance his or her way to becoming a licensed professional. 

Build and Improve Public Libraries - Update Library books, update and build more libraries accessible to everyone in all walks of life. More study and training access for the youth who are eager and willing to learn how to read books. Ensure that LGUs have libraries attuned to the needs of the times by upgrading the facilities and content and also guarding it.

The OFW Cheaper Remittance Act - One in Congress, ASEAN will initiate a review of the OFW remittance costs with the intent of helping the OFWs save on their hard earned money. The money that they can save will be a much help for those who are struggling to get their children to school or build their own homes and help their families.

The Adopt-A-Student Act- Academically gifted but underprivileged students can enjoy the benevolence of the private college grants. Professionals, entrepreneurs and corporations can sponsor tuitions and school-related fees of students in cities, state colleges and universities and private colleges/universities by donations and contributions.  

The National Career Measurement and Scholarship System Act - This a twin measure. A nationwide career measurement should be administered to help guide our junior high school students as to which career track in the K-to-12 System they are better suited. And, a national scholarship system in place to ensure that qualified HS graduates will be able to study in their preferred course. 

The Educators Graduate Studies Scholarship Act - Professionals who have been teaching in higher educational institutions (HEI) shall have greater access to government scholarships to finance their masteral and doctoral studies. Priority shall be given to those who have been teaching for several years already. May include subsidies for trainings related to professional development. 

The Student Dormitory Rent Control Act -The government shall ensure that boarding houses, dormitories, rooms and bed spaces offered for rent to college students, are safe, affordable, clear and conducive to studies. The law shall establish a maximum allowable rent depending on the ty and location of dwelling which shall be VAT-free. 

The Student Outreach Program Act - The government shall foster the formation of students I develop in them leadership, critical thinking, social awareness and spirit of volunteerism with I view of turning them into responsible and responsive Filipino youth. 

The Enhanced Museum Act - In every province, the government shall establish museums to highlight the historical and cultural treasures of the province. Revisit the law that created the National Museum and enhance it to cover provincial museums. 

The Enhanced Corrections Education Act - Government shall provide the inmates and detainees with increased educational opportunities to gain useful skills and knowledge for their future re-integration into the job market. The educators availing of the Educators Graduate Studies Scholarship Act shall be encouraged to render service in government.

A message from Prof. Win Ballada of ASEAN Party-List
"Salamat po sa pagkakataong Bawat botante ay boboto ng isang Party-list group. 59 po ang PL Congressman na uupo na magmumula sa higit-kumulang na 46 to 48 PL groups. Mahirap po ang Iaban pero TIWALA po kami sa suporta ng mga naghahanap ng karapat-dapat na magsilbi, mga bagong dugo. Thanks to the 125,069 voters last 2016! Good causes take time to get propagated. To those who did not see us as their choice last May 9, if your 2016 choice failed your expectations, please consider us as your clean, principled and intelligent party-list bet for May 13, 2019. 

EDUCATION IS THE GREATEST LEVELER. We should INVEST in Education. Put people in Government with the RIGHT EDUCATION and with MORAL INTEGRITY. 

I always exhort the students by saying: "When you have reached a certain level of success, then you should think about—sharing your time and talents to make a big difference in the lives of others. I cannot retire and not do something for my country and YOU, it's selfish. To whom much is given, much is expected." 

We are all passersby and pilgrims on this road, we call LIFE. We bring nothing when we die, but we leave behind—The FAITH we have helped propagate, The LOVE we have shared, The HOPE we have given, The KINDNESS we have extended to our brothers. 

Mull, ako'y si Prof. #WINBailada, CPA, CBE, MBA (1st Nominee ng #ASEANPartyList). Ang kuwento ng aking buhay ang pinaghuhugutan ko ng matinding inspirasyon para makapag-ambag sa inyong kinabukasan. 

Ako mismo'y nakatapos sa kolehiyo dahil sa scholarships at sa tulong ng mga kaanak at kaibigan. Naging tulay ito upang ako'y mag-Top 2 sa CPA Board, makapagsulat ng mga "Accounting, Math & Tax #MadeEasy Books" at so edad na 51, magkaroon ng pagkakataong mangarap na makapagsilbi sa Kongreso so pamamagitan ng ASEAN Party-list. Mahirap, mabigat at mahaba pa ang pinagdaanan (Ang Buhay ni WIN at BakitASEAN Part -List: pero tiwala na sa patnubay ng Panginoan at so tulong ninyo ay aabot sa dapat patunguhan. Magtiwala kayo so ASEAN Party-List. Magbayanihan, mag-ASEAN! 


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