Wednesday, March 20, 2019


New read on ‘authentic love’ and getting real connection

International psychologist and relationship therapist Lissy Puno penned a new, back-to-basics interactive guide for readers to get to know themselves and their significant other in ABS-CBN Books’ “Couple Goals: Find the love and connection that last forever in this world full of ‘I give up, let’s break up!’”

“Think of this as a guided ‘relationship checklist.’ It will make you more conscious of how each of you behave, think and feel; what attracted you to each other in the first place; what has kept you together so far; and why your relationship is worth it,” shared the International Counselling and Psychology Centre’s counselling psychologist who also wrote the book “Affairs Don’t Just Happen!”

In “Couple Goals,” the author encouraged readers to “enjoy the free fall” but “don’t fall in love for the wrong reasons” at the beginning of relationships. 

She also said “self-love” can be so attractive to others,” and it is very important to prioritize that before extending love to another person. “When you know yourself more, you will know what you need and can make a better choice on the type of person who can be a partner to you.”

Lissy likewise provided a checklist of couple’s similarities and differences that really matter, and another list to confirm if felt emotions are leading to authentic love, which she described in the book as “joyful and relaxed state of being in relationship where both of you feel whole and fully alive to be your own unique selves.”

“Couple Goals” also serves as a fun journal of memorable moments, where readers can paste in their photos and write about their many firsts.

Get a chance to meet Lissy in person and ask more of her relationship guide at the “Couple Goals” book launch happening this Saturday (March 23), 4pm at National Book Store in Shangri-La Plaza.

Take the next step with the help of the “Couple Goals” journal, available in leading bookstores for only P195. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

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