Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Alessandra de Rossi overcomes struggle of raising a son with HIV in Intercedente

INTERCEDENTE tells the story of a single mother of a 16 year old son diagnosed with HIV and how they overcome the struggles of dealing with a community they embraced. It is also a story of hope, faith, and love being a complete mismatch altogether creating a thick blanket of uncertainty for Josie. In here, we will witness the strength of a mother's love when she was forced into an obligation that she not only needs to accomplish for Andrew, but for their community-that never did them good. 
Alessandra de Rossi as Josie
Josie, a single mother in her 305, is fighting a treacherous battle in her life as she tries to mend her past in the hope of becoming a good mother to her 16-year old son, Andrew. Having been traumatized from her abusive bouts with Andrew's father and developing nervous breakdown symptoms along the way, she willfully dedicates all her time in making ends meet for them. Living in a small community tarnished with poverty, sin, and numerous factors that deface human life, hope becomes subliminal as grave circumstances slowly arise and a series of unfortunate events batters their spirits more-bringing both mother and son to a situation they cannot escape. 
Lorenzo Santiago as Andrew
Andrew, with little to no understanding of his actions, becomes a victim of the game he played as he tries to explore options around him to make life better for him. His innocence leads to a very serious condition which he will not only carry with him forever, but will also put him in a place where society’s judgment will fall upon his shoulders and dictate the way he should live the rest of his life. At the age of 16, he becomes one of the youngest recorded HIV victims in the Philippines. He and his mother only felt the gravity of lit when news started airing in the television screens of their neighbors. 
Teri Aunor

Renshi de Guzman

Kiko Matos

Kokoy de Santos

The film stars Alessandra de Rossi, Dexter Doria, Mailes Kanapi, Kiko Matos, Kokoy de Santos, Renshi de Guzman, and introducing Lorenzo Santiago under the direction of Jill Urdaneta.

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