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Indigital Productions’ newest offering explores impact of technology on human connection

After producing three original anthology series for the streaming service iWant, ABS-CBN’s digital content production unit Indigital Productions delves into the effects of technology and the need for real human connection in its newest original “Touch Screen.”

“Touch Screen,” which streams on March 6 on iWant, is a three-part anthology headlined by Janella Salvador, Pokwang, and Denise Laurel and tackles how people interact on and beyond their screens and how it affects relationships.

In the episode “Wittyrella,” teen fan girl Mandy (Janella) uses Twitter to get her celebrity crush to notice her, but finds herself in a feud with a famous three-word tweet account, only to realize that the person behind the account is someone close to her.

Pokwang, meanwhile, plays an old-school househelp who has been with a family for many years in “Vixee vs. Inday,” then finds herself neglected and undervalued when the father brings home a fully functional smart gadget named Vixee.

Online dating also takes centerstage in “It’s A Match,” where an app developer (Joseph Marco) uses a dating app for hook-ups, encounters one of his conservative managers (Denise Laurel) on the app, then makes a bet with his officemates to make his boss fall in love with him.

“Touch Screen” is the fourth offering of Indigital following the short film anthology series “The End,” the feel-good comedy anthology series “Alamat ng Ano,” and the erotic-drama anthology series “Hush” – all currently streaming on iWant.

With original shows that go beyond telling traditional stories, Indigital Productions aims to provide quality Filipino entertainment made by independent film directors and content creators such as Gino Santos, Jon Red, JP Habac, Mark Meily, Mikhail Red, Lem Lorca, Dondon Santos, Noel Teehankee, Richard Somes, Ronnie Velasco, Topel Lee, and Victor Villanueva.

“The End” chronicles simple yet powerful everyday stories and highlights the last 24 hours of a person’s life to show lessons on love, acceptance, hope, and forgiveness. It stars Denise Laurel, Aljur Abrenica, Carmi Martin, Luis Hontiveros, Mark Neumann, Kazel Kinouchi, Sunshine Dizon, Vandolph, and Joey Marquez.

The laugh-out-loud show “Alamat ng Ano,” which makes fun of ordinary things by humorously exploring and formulating their origin with each episode, also features an ensemble of Kapamilya stars, including Maymay Entrata, Kisses Delavin, Donny Pangilinan, Melai Cantiveros, Ejay Falcon, Jake Cuenca, Donna Cariaga, AC Bonifacio, BoybandPH, Nico Antonio, Denise Joaquin, Ketchup Eusebio, and Dominic Ochoa. Narrating each episode are the comedy duo of Jobert Austria and Nonong Balinan, who play a talky barangay tanod and his sidekick.

iWant and Indigital also went the edgy route when they dropped “Hush,” which features erotic drama stories and three sexy icons namely Mica Javier from “It’s Showtime’s” GirlTrends, Gwen Soriano, and Haiza Madrid.

Also included in Indigital’s roster of upcoming original shows are “Crimes of Passion,” “Six Feet Diner,” “Adam & Ed,” “Papa App,” “Trip to Quiapo,” and “Little Big Trio.”

iWant is one of the digital initiatives of ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment company, which is rapidly transitioning into an agile digital company with the biggest online presence among all media companies, and a growing list of digital properties.

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