Saturday, December 22, 2018

Who is senatoriable SAMIRA GUTOC?

A resident from Marawi City is running for Senator this 2019 and she's SAMIRA GUTOC.

To those who intimately know her, she is mother, a long-time community organizer and a true representative of the marginalized: a Filipino Muslim woman working with the poorest of the poor in one of the most impoverished regions in the country. 

But what makes her a viable candidate for the Senate is her passion to fight for the principles she believes in and her insistence to take on the cause of the people she serves. She said she has lived with the people in the fringes long enough to see that their rights and welfare are ignored, and are often considered a nuisance to the national government. 

As a former journalist, a long-time community organizer and a peace builder by heart, Samira has the competence to represent the truly marginalized. Her experience as a correspondent for the Inquirer opened her eyes to the harsh realities of people living, and dying, in the fringes. She was one of the founders of Ranao Rescue, where she honed her community organizing skills and learned how to live with the people she serves. She was also one of those instrumental in bringing about the Bangsamoro Organic Law by being part of its transition council. 

But the real reason we should support Samira, again, is her resolve and political will to do the right thing without, as they say, fear or favor. For those of us who believe in what Samira can do, we see the need for the country to see what we see: a strong Filipino Muslim woman and a leader who can make a real difference in a government institution tainted with personal and vested interests that it cannot independently serve the people. And we need a peacebuilder who believes that peace should start from the bottom up, from the poor to the highest perches of our society. 

Samira Gutoc Profile

- Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Master in International Studies at the University of the Philippines - Diliman. 

- First woman president of UP Muslim Students Association at Metro Manila-wide Muslim Youth and Student Alliance. 

- Has a law degree at the Arellano University, at served as feilow at Oxford Center of Islamic Studies in London. 

- A member of the Philippine Army Multi-Sectoral Advisory Board. 

- She was recognized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) as one of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) for Leadership, and nominated for Ten Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service(TOWNS). 

- Has served as an assemblywoman of the ARMM Legislative Assembly. 

- Was a member of Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC). 

- Has served as spokesperson of Ranao Rescue Team (RRT) that led the rescue and relief operations during the Marawi siege.

Considering her credentials and experience, I think she fits in to be one of the senators that this country should have. I'm definitely voting for her. I'd rather risk on someone new than someone who has handled the position already but has not been making a difference to the Filipino people.

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