Wednesday, December 5, 2018

PIOLO PASCUAL stays fit and young with Herb-All Amazing Barley

There’s no stopping “Papa P” as he continuously makes his mark as veteran actor, singer, model and producer. Set at the beautiful venue I'M Hotel, Piolo Pascual was launched as the newest endorser for Herb-all Amazing Pure Organic Barley. 

Despite a busy schedule, keeping fit and healthy is definitely a priority. Part of his daily routine is working out and doing physical activities so he can stay in tip-top shape. 

He says “I work out in the morning and forgot all my supplements and my son and I got up, drank these and got on with our workout routine. This thing gives you energy throughout the day, flushes toxins out and kept us active throughout the day. We didn’t get sick during the whole trip and I really think this helped us keep in shape.”

Herb-all Amazing Pure Organic Barley is Piolo’s new daily habit. To maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, Herb-all Amazing Pure Organic Barley is loaded with vitamins and minerals that helps Piolo become healthier, stronger and better everyday.

Made from the purest Australian young Barley grass, the product contains many health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, cleansing and detoxifying the body and regenerate damage cells and tissues while maintaining healthy skin among many others. This provides Piolo the daily boost to accomplish his goals and stay on track with his healthy lifestyle.

Herb-all Amazing Pure Organic Barley is only one of the many products distributed by IAMWorldwide. Founded by seasoned network marketing professionals Founder / President Allen Marvin Yu Eder and Founder / Vice President Aika Lorraine Uy, IAMWORLDWIDE is a direct sales company that seeks to bring real change in people’s wellbeing through health, prosperity and balance.

For more information you may contact: Mr. Christian Balang, Manager IAMWORLDWIDE at 09178790930 or visit 

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