Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Is it possible for a company to take back its promise to give Christmas bonus to its employees when its business isn’t doing well? Empoy Marquez, who plays Bryan, will face this possibility this Saturday (December 8) in “Ipaglaban Mo.”  
As the ”bread winner” of his family, Bryan depends on his company’s bonus, which is part of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the factory workers and management. He also plans to use the funds for his wedding to his girlfriend, Sheila, played by Karen Reyes.

Instead of the expected bonus, a small amount of the Year-End Cash benefit will be given by the company, including a cash advance for interested workers equivalent to one month’s salary that they can pay in a year. According to the company’s human relations department, the factory incurred a big loss for the year which prevents them from giving out the bonuses.
Because of this, the union decided to protest. The situation has also caused a rift in the relationship between Bryan and Sheila because of the latter’s fear of putting the security of their livelihood and future in jeopardy if Bryan gets fired by the company.  
Will the company and its employers arrive at an amicable resolution? Will the factory workers be able to defend their rights with the factory’s management?
Ipaglaban Mo,” the longest-running legal drama on Philippine television, offers viewers entertaining and informative episodes about real-life cases, which they may learn from. It also offers free legal advice to the public every week at ABS-CBN’s Tulong Center in Quezon City.
Don’t miss the “Bonus” episode of “Ipaglaban Mo,” directed by Myra Ajero-Gaite, this Saturday (Disyembre 8) after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

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