Thursday, November 22, 2018

Hintayan Ng Langit: From One Act Play to Movie

What started out as an one-act play in Virgin Labfest written by poet Juan Miguel Severo, it's now translated to the big screen with Dan Villegas as its director. Hintayan Ng Langit stars veteran actors Eddie Garcia and Gina Pareño. 

The film was one of the entries in this year's QCinema Film Festival that was hailed as Audience Choice Awardee and a Best Actor award for Garcia.

The story is about Lisang (Pareño) who has overstayed in her waiting room in purgatory, occasionally causing other souls trouble for her own entertainment. When her waiting is about to end as she is set to cross over to the other side and have her room leased to a new tenant, the guy turns out to be Manolo (Garcia), her newly-deceased ex-boyfriend. Life or death takes a heartbreaking turn as Lisang and Manolo get a second chance to know each other again. In the process, the ex-lovers begin to experience what it means to be “alive” again and they examine the decisions they made in the past.

Check out the video here as Severo and Villegas share how they did the film and unforgettable scenes they've been raving about.

‘Hintayan ng Langit’ is currently being shown in cinemas nationwide from Globe Studios, QCinema and Project 8 Corner San Joaquin.

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