Thursday, November 22, 2018

Relive "Matrix" Moments with Video Factory's Bullet Time

Having a great time with blogger friends while trying the Bullet Time Manila from Video Factory PH

Last November 18, I attended the launch of Bullet Station at One Esplanade, Attended by digital influencers and media practitioners, I had a great time trying out this innovation of capturing precious moments while enjoying the food and drinks served.

Originated from Russia, Bullet time creates the effect of freezing a moment like in the movie Matrix. 

Love love love in the air!
With Bullet Time, you can customize your background or create your own 3D objects that will fit the story that you wanted to tell. 

How is it being done?

1) The participant/s stands in the setup point.
2) The subject can jump and pose however they wish.
3) In just a few seconds, the result will come out and results can easily be sent to your email.
Speed may vary depending on technician’s mastery and some minor conditions. Estimated average throughput is within 40-90 people per hour. An example of a peak load would be 800 shots over 8 hours.
How much space is needed? Size is 8m x 7m x 3.3m
Power consumption: 3KW/H (220V)
Lighting conditions: Lighting brightness must be constant
Duration of work: Uptime limit is 8 hours
What is included in the package?
stand with 25 cameras
55′ monitor for results demonstration
3D design with 2 free corrections
professional lights
report with emails of participants
delivery and pickup, installation, dismantling staff
staff (2 technicians, 1 host)
For inquiries, you may reach Video Factory via Smart: 0918 493 2233 and Globe: 0945 645 2290. Email address is and Facebook account is and Instagram:
Immediately after shooting, I got a copy of the product via email as a video and GIF file that I happily shared in my social media accounts.

Oh yeaaah!
Here's a copy of the final output I posted in my Instagram account.

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