Friday, October 5, 2018

Tres skyrockets to mainstream cinemas

IMUS Productions and Star Cinemas pays homage to the action-thn'ller genre with the upcoming release of Tres starring Jolo Revilla, Luigi Revilla, and Byan Revilla.

With the main intention to provide quality entertainment and to revive the action-thriller genre in Philippine cinema; and to keep the legacy that was established by legendary action star Ramon Revilla alive, that was continued by his son, iconic action star Bong Revilla, Tres is a socially relevant trilogy that features a variety of action packed movies directed by Don Don Santos and Richard Somes.

72 Hours stars Jolo Revilla and is directed by Don Don Santos and written by Ayi Tamayo. This movie is centered on a select group of PNP and PDEA operatives who successfully arrested Sun lng Koon who is a drug syndicate leader from China. Man'us Reyes (Jolo) and Alexa Almario (Rhian Ramos) were expected to bring down the said drug lord but less than 24 hours after his capture, Sun Ing Koon managed to escape.

Amats on the other hand, stars Luigi Revilla and is also directed by Don Don Santos and written by Ayi Tamayo. The central narrative of this movie revolves around a young man (Luigi Revilla) who hooks up with a gang of drug pushers and addicts as he is in denial of his current impoverished situation.

Directed by Richard Somes and written by Byron Bryant, Virg ostars Bryan Revilla. The movie is centered on PDEA undercover operative, Virgilio “Virgo” Semanes (Bryan), who, together with his partner Tuck (Jess Mendoza) and Controller senior agent Ferrero (Levy Ignacio), conduct hot operations on Chinese drug traffickers and local bosses.

With the rich abundance of romantic comedies and dramas in Philippine cinema today, Tres provides a refreshing variety in the industry as it reintroduces the action genre to an entirely new generation of moviegoers. Tres is quite groundbreaking as a new generation of Revillas are starring in this movie that stays truthful to the genre that was popularized by their grandfather in the early 19503 to the 19805 and was kept alive by their father from the 1990s to the mid-2000s.

Furthermore, Tres honors the prodigious legacy of the Revilla clan that is considered as an industry leader with the brilliant cinematic masterpieces that it has produced in the course of almost 6 decades

Aside from the high-octane adrenaline rush that Tres is guaranteed to give to every moviegoer, the trilogy is also through-provoking as it addresses the on-going battle of the country against drugs while promoting positive values that champions seIf-worth, love for family, and love for the country.

Be entertained and be enlightened at the same time as Tres sheds light to the realities that the country and every citizen of the Philippines is facing today. What are challenges that our law enforcement officers face every day in battling drugs? How are normal people coping with prohibited substances? is there really hope for the country in its battle against drugs? Find out all the answers in Tres.

Tres also assembles some of the countries most talented actors such as Albert Martinez, Dominic Roque, Tirso Cruz Ill, Benj Manalo, Lani Mercado, Philip Salvador, and Lovi Poe among many others in 72 Hours; Assunta de Rossi, Myrtle Sarrosa, Markki Stroem, and Alex Castro to mention a few in Amats; and Joey Marquez, Carla Humphries, Paolo Paraiso, and Mon Confiado among many others in Virgo.

Tres is showing in cinemas nationwide beginning October 3. 

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