Friday, October 12, 2018

There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of In Home Application With PS Bank

Some people are afraid to risk or doubtful in taking things to the next level because of the responsibilities inherent on it. Just like what I saw in the viral video with 3.2M views to date of a husband played by Miko Raval who's not afraid of supernatural creatures but got scared when asked by his wife if they could buy a house already.

It's funny that I'm experiencing the same dilemma and can't help but reflect on my situation. Sometimes it's not that we can't afford but it's more on the hassle of making things happen. Of course, I cannot buy a house in cash. I find it impractical. But the lengthy process of applying for a bank loan influence me to retreat or delaying in making such investment. 

The video has ironically presented to us that we need to turn our fears into courage especially when there are things that will pave the way for us to be able to grab that sought after dream - having that house we have always wanted. 

And yes I found the solution. Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), the consumer banking arm of Metrobank Group, makes another first, setting a 1-day credit decision on home loan application for the purchase of brand new condominium units and properties from accredited developers. It's available to brand new condominium units and properties from accredited developers of the Metrobank Group. 

This will definitely saves me time a lot and will be confronted immediately on what else I need to do for the loan to be approved in case of denial. I"m confident though that I won't hehe.

I also got more excited because PSBank Home Loan has Prime Rebate that allows customers to earn rebates or savings when they make advance or excess payments on their monthly due. Rebates earned from advances/excess payments are computed on a daily-basis-including weekends and holidays, starting on the date the payment is posted and credited every due date.
             This is definitely convenience at its best in getting a home loan with just 1 day turnaround time. I'm more than enthusiastic already to stay in my dream home soon.

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