Monday, October 8, 2018

Maine Mendoza Has Changed

Phenomenal Star Maine Mendoza is a hot topic once again. Recently, a new endorsement shoot of hers leaked online and her hawk-eyed legions of fans were quick to grab the receipts. She was spotted at what appears to be the pictorial shoot for Maxi-Peel and word has it, she's the new endorser of their latest product called Maxi-Peel ZERO.

            Here's what we know: Word has it that she's looking for something more  than just a basic cleanser,  and she feels that her old brand simply doesn't make the cut anymore given her very hectic lifestyle. That's why she's making the switch. We've seen Maine endorse all sorts of products but over the years, she has become much more selective in terms of products and  brands she works with, choosing only the ones that she truly believes in. This is why she's not just the top celebrity endorser in this country, she is also the most compelling. Just very recently, Maine was one of the winners at the 8th EdukCircle Awards bagging two awards, the Most Influential Female Endorser and the Best Female Variety Show Host.

            Could this be the reason why Maine has been posting more selfies recently? Her supporters have been pointing out that her skin is to-die-for. Not a blemish in sight! And they are quick to add that her glowing skin is the perfect complement to her endearing personality.

            Reese Dianson, a Maine loyalist, proudly exclaims: "Love namin si Maine because with her, what you see is what you get. Hindi mo siya mapipilit sa isang bagay na ayaw niya. Kaya kung magpapalit nga siya ng brand, yun talaga ang kanyang paniniwala. So kami, as true believers, lilipat din kami!" For Becca Lizada who has followed Maine from the first time she made her debut at Eat Bulaga: "Si Maine, totoong tao yan. Walang halong kaplastikan. Bawat galaw at salita niya, yun siya sa real life! Kaya sa endorsements niya, choosy si Maine dahil pangalan niya ang nakataya!".

            True or not, Maine's fans are buzzing with excitement and if it is, we're betting that just like any product she endorses, Maxi-Peel ZERO will soon be flying off the shelves, too.


  1. Pangit naman tlga yung Eskinol, kaya buti nlng lumipat na si idol! Mas ok yung Maxipeel tbh

  2. Congratulations kay Maine!
    Maxipeel Zero >>>>>> Eskinol

  3. Dahil jan, mag sstock nko ng maraming MaxipeelZERO at baka, magkaubusan na nnaman .. 😁
    Good choice #maxipeel

  4. Trending to sa Instagram ohh, 😱 dun ko lang din nalaman na yung maxipeel gawa ng pilipino pala at ang Eskinol mapag samantalang dayuhan lang pala ang may gawa ..
    Dati Eskinol ako, pero gayahin ko na din si menggay mag sswitch nadin ako. 😄

    1. Oo nakita ko din sa Instagram! Pareho tayo sis! 😆

    2. Hala! Totoo ba to? Sabi nila fake news daw yung kumakalat sa twitter and instagram.
      Wala pa nman kasing kinocommercial.

  5. Well as witty and pretty like Maine she chose her forever with #maxipeel zero

  6. I've seen the images online and social media of her with Marian so good for her. And good for Maxipeel as well. Us filipinas should always support local brands

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  8. Its about time to choose the best #maxipeel , I chose Maine too as my best female celeb in tv 😍

  9. Bakit kasi binitawan ng Eskinol si maine. Dami tuloy na fans ni maine mag sswitch din , Eskinol to MaxipeelZERO

  10. HUGE win for Maxipeel! May Marian na may Maine pa! Kawawa ang kalaban!

  11. As an intelligent woman like Maine, her choice is definitely the best #maxipeel , she will not choose maxipeel over her former cleanser if she is a happy user !
    #aldubnodoubt #aldubparin


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