Monday, September 10, 2018


I grew up believing that something has to reinforce my faith with God. It could be through prayers and symbols. I was deeply influenced of what I saw on TV that I've been fascinated with Joy Lim's charms and crystals if it really works everytime I saw a feature of her on Kris' show. Finally, the right time has come as I got the chance to have a meaningful chat with her last Friday at YC&C Yang Charms & Crystals in Marikina City.

I had this impression that the crystals on bracelet made by Joy Lim will bring good fortune, great health, great career and all your other wishes. And yes it holds true. It's not only because of the crystals itself but also by the symbols to which these crystals are designed to. The things we have at home for good luck like buddha, frog, koi fish, horse, among others are being in carved using crystals that will form part of a bracelet that you can wear anywhere so that luck will be with you always. 

Joy Lim was certainly a delight to talk to. She possesses a positive and unselfish aura that gravitated me towards her. It was an hour talk but I felt I still need to chat with her more. She shared that she started in 1995 when a close friend of hers confide to her about a love problem and she thought of having those charms will be of great help. Inspired by what she saw in Hongkong where good luck symbols are being included in bracelets made of crystals, she introduced this idea to the market and was heavily picked up by prominent people and celebrities. She's been a familiar face on TV since then as she's always invited during New Year's celebrations. 

Their bracelets are customized based on your specific wishes and by your birth month. It's important that you make an appointment with Ms Joy (it's FREE!) every Wednesday 12nn onwards so that the bracelet or the specific charm is perfectly suited for your needs. They don't just sell to you but also provides guidance so it will work for you. 

YC&C Yang Charms & Crystals is franchise of Ria Dimalanta, an entrepreneur who's into construction business. She met Ms Joy early this year and has been very vocal that she's been fascinated to Feng Shui ever since she was young. Her suppose to be consultation with Ms Joy led up to opening a franchise of charms and crystals of her own because of the great things that came her way after that visit. She got a lot of projects for her construction business.

For this ghost month, they're offering a package that will help the wandering souls. This includes candles, paper money, incense and paper silvers that you can burn as an offering. This can be purchased as a package for the whole family or for a single person.

All of our wishes could only be put into waste if we will not make an effort to make it come true. These charms and crystals are there to compliment the beliefs and desires of our hearts. But these should not replace our faith in God. 

Check out YC&C Yang Charms and Crystals at 116 Lilac Street SSS Village Concepcion II in Marikina City. You can reach them through 9597271 or their mobile numbers 09171054146/09491238039. You may also email them via or walk in if you want to know more.

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