Friday, September 7, 2018

Martial movie in PH returns with THE TRIGONAL

VIVA Films, in cooperation with Cinefenio Film Studios, RSVP Film Studios, and PIAYA, proudly presents THE TRIGONAL, the Philippines’ first martial arts movie of the decade. 

Written and directed by Vincent Soberano, himself an 8-time Muay Thai champion and MMA coach for most of China's top UFC fighters today, THE TRIGONAL tells the story of a retired mixed martial arts and Karate champion forced back into action to bring down a notorious drug syndicate that has invaded his hometown. 

Jacob Casa, played by theatre actor and Taekwondo black belt Ian Ignacio, is being lured to an underground fight-to-the death event called the '"rigonal where he could win a million dollars. His pregnant wife Annie, played by Rhian Ramos, is strongly against it, urging him to just focus on their martial arts school in the beautiful island city of Bacolod. But tragedy strikes, and Jacob is pushed into the world of drug-induced underground fighting run by a colci-blooded ex-MMA fighter. With a vacationing Chinese Wushu champion as his ally, plus the support of his childhood martial arts master, Jacob faces his deadliest fight yet. 

ncumbent Congressman Monsour Del Rosario takes the spotlight as Sensei Mike Vasquez, Jacob’s martial arts master. Del Rosario is a Taekwondo Olympic medallist and Sports Hall of Fame awardee. Recently, he was the first non-Korean to be named Taekwondo Man of the Year. 

Playing the part of Chinese Wushu champion named Mei Li is Sarah Chang, a five-time USA National Wushu Team member. She studied acting at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and action stunts at the Jackie Chan Stunt Team training center in Tianjin. She also served as the Action Director in this movie. 

Made by real martial arts masters with a cast of real martial artists, this movie is a true dedication to the lethal martial arts of the Philippines, from Arnis to Sikaran to Dumog to Tapado (an original Filipino Martial Art which came from a Hiligaynon word "Tagat”or "Tapas”which means finished or done in English or '2?) mm the job in one strike. ’) 

Soberano, the director of the multi-award winning National Geographic Channel documentary, "On The Brink: Uncharted Waters” and the 2016 Best Short Film "Blood Hunters", had envisioned THE TRIGONAL to be "a gritty, high-ve/oc/ty martial arts action drama”that breaks clich├ęs. Combining the abovementioned Filipino martial arts with Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Penjak Silat, Krav Maga, Karate, and Wushu, he guarantees that viewers will be treated to martial arts choreography and action never before seen on screen. 

THE TRIGONAL also stars Epy Quizon, Christian Vasquez, and Soberano in a special role. Catch it in cinemas on September 26. 

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