Friday, September 14, 2018


Filipino singers in Hollywood? Yes that's no longer a far-fetched idea as Wish 107.5's WISH BUS sets foot in Hollywood as announced during its launched last September 7 at the Universal Citywalk Hollywood, Los Angeles. I was present at its simultaneous live streaming at Eastwood.

All of this started with Daniel Razon's vision of uplifting the Filipino talent in the international stage. Razon is the CEO and President of Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International that pioneered the groundbreaking Wish Bus.

“As a first step towards this wish, [the station is] duplicating the Wish Bus not only here in the Philippines but also abroad,” he said during his speech at the 3rd Wish Music Awards held in January.

“Having a Wish Bus in giving a signal to the world that we are ready to be known in its music capital,” Mr. Jay Eusebio, BMPI’s Vice President for Marketing, said in an interview.

With WISH BUS being seen outside the country, Filipino music is out for everyone to hear and enjoy.

The launch showcased performances from Pinoy artists like  DJ Robin Nievera, YouTube star AJ Rafael, Perf De Castro (Rivermaya, Triaxis), and ‘90s pop-rock band Introvoys, US-based artists including Annie Nepomuceno, Michael Keith, and Michael Regalado. It was witnessed here in the Philippines and other parts of the world via livestream on Wish FM's Youtube Channel.

According to Mr. Eusebio, “the Wish Bus is an epitome of innovation and an icon of great music performance. This is also the same seal that we will carry in Hollywood and everywhere else.”

The musical vehicle is fully-outfitted with audio and video facilities capable of housing and recording live performances.

Asked about what can Wishers and music enthusiasts alike expect from this endeavor, he mused that it is the station’s “aspiration artists in both locations to perform in both buses.” 

“Whenever Filipino artists have a concert of performance in Hollywood or nearby, they can use the Hollywood Wish Bus as a promotional platform. In the same manner, Hollywood-based artists who are scheduled to perform in the country can also utilize the Wish bus here for their promotions,” he enthused, noting that they “are preparing to make the operations of the Philippine and Hollywood Wish Buses seamless and connected.”

As in the Wish Bus performances rendered in the Philippines, those that will be staged in Hollywood will also be uploaded to the Wish 107.5 YouTube channel.

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