Friday, July 6, 2018

Power Struggle Ensues Between Onscreen Friends in The Brand New Series “Daytime Divas” on Sony Channel this July

Daily fireworks light up between the five female co-hosts of The Lunch Hour long-running talk show in the all new drama Daytime Divas which premieres this July on Sony Channel.
Show creator and host Maxine Robinson (Vanessa Williams), raunchy comedienne Mo Evans (Tichina Arnold), outspoken conservative Heather Flynn-Kellogg (Fiona Gubelmann), former child star Kibby Ainsley (Chloe Bridges), and Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Nina Sandoval (Camille Guaty) gather around the table to discuss life, love, politics, and juicy gossip.

Maxine is used to calling the shots, always getting the last word in every give-and-take banter her panel delves into. But in the fascinating world of daytime television, nothing is what it seems.
Onscreen, they are best friends with five different points of view, but behind the scenes, they inhabit a backstage world filled with intrigues and scandals, sparking a power struggle that casts a doubt on their show’s future.
Daytime Divas premieres on July 11, every Wednesday at 8:50pm, first and exclusive on Sony Channel.

Sony Channel is available on Cablelink Channel 39, Cignal Channel 120, Destiny Cable

Channel 35, G Sat Channel 48, and SKYCable Channel 35.

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