Saturday, July 21, 2018


Asian Mixed Martial Arts Superstar, Mark Mugen, shows everyone the importance of sports nutrition in achieving fitness and health

Cosmo Body kicked-off its “Live Well, Feel Better HIIT Party” tour at Anytime Fitness BGC High Street last July 20, 2018. On hand was Asian Mixed Martial Arts Superstar, Mark Mugen, who made a rare but much anticipated appearance at the event to talk about the importance of sports nutrition in achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle.

 The Cosmo Body endorser also took time off from his busy schedule to lead a special High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session for a select group of Anytime Fitness members and members of the press, who received first-hand instruction from one of the most successful mixed martial arts practitioners in the world.

 Anytime Fitness clients were also treated to a display of the company’s health and sports nutrition supplements that can help one achieve a fit lifestyle like Euphoriamaxx-for muscle development, nourishment and recovery; Cosmo Cee-for extra energy; Fibermaxx-for cleansing; and most importantly Cosmo Body-for weight loss and weight management. A short talk on nutrition and diet was also conducted by the resident BFC Nutritionist, who created easy-to-prepare dishes that are ideal for those whose goal is to live a healthy lifestyle.

 “Anytime Fitness BGC High Street is our first stop on this tour,” says Nino Bautista, co-director and founder of BFC Laboratories, the makers of world-class and bestselling supplements. “Through our ‘Live Well, Feel Better HllT Prty’ Tour, we hope to spread the message of health and fitness through sports nutrition in a fun, interactive and informative manner,” says Nino Bautista, director and co-founder of BFC Laboratories.

 The tour is expected to cover several branches of Anytime Fitness until the end of this year-among other destinations that are still being eyed. “We hope to cover more venues for spreading the word on fitness, health and the importance of health nutrition in the country,” says Bautista, adding that people who are into fitness have shown much enthusiasm for health-related endeavors, especially on how supplementation can help in overall health. “Through this tour which we hope to conduct annually and even expand in scope, we hope to inform hundreds, if not thousands of Filipinos about the importance of sports nutrition and supplementation in keeping fit, in contributing to muscle development and in attaining overall health.”

 BFC Laboratories sports nutrition supplements cover an array of brands that include Euphoriamaxx (for muscle development, nourishment and recovery), Cosmo Body (weight loss and weight management), Cosmo Cee Vitamin C Supplement (for increased energy) and related products like Fibermaxx (for cleansing and detoxification). All the products are available in all Watsons Stores, Mercury Drug, Metro Pharmacy and selected distributors nationwide.

For more information about BFC Laboratories’ schedule of upcoming dates for its “Live Well, Feel Better” Tour, log on to BFC’s website at or the BFC Laboratories Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Instagram.

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