Thursday, June 28, 2018

Chikkaness Review: WALWAL

Jose Javier Reyes' WALWAL is an engaging film that features a genuine friendship of male teens with personal battles that they need to attend to. It is grounded in real life situations that millennials face and portrayed with genuine emotions. It also made an effort to make us laugh and "kilig" and it succeeded. 

The strength of this barkada movie is the chemistry of the main stars Elmo Magalona, Kiko Estrada, Jerome Ponce and Donny Pangilinan as they convincingly illustrated a real friendship on the big screen. Elmo does well on his quiet scenes; Kiko successfully metamorphosed from a playboy to a stick to one guy; Jerome complimented the scene stealers of Angeli Bayani; and Donny is a pleasant to watch on screen especially when he shares it with Kisses.

The Regal Films movie WALWAL was successful in bringing back the teen barkada movie genre that brought its audience to a whole new generation. It's relevant and will trigger a discussion among family and peers. Beyond the drinking sessions they had was the friendship that they share and how they move forward still intact despite the personal problems they went through. 

It's a feel good movie, a lot of walwalan and very lovable characters! Don't miss experiencing this on theaters near you. 

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