Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Mayor's Daughter Sofia Romualdez Launched As New Recording Artist of Viva

Growing up with musically inclined roots, 18 year old Sofia Gonzalez Romualdez follows the footsteps of her family as she steps into the spotlight in the music industry. She has been a Viva Records recording artist for over 2 years, debuting with her single “Pikit Mata,” included in the Julian Trono and Ella Cruz movie “FanGirl FanBoy.” And now, long after her debut, she comes back with a new sound in “Thinkin’ Of U.”
Passionate about music since she was little, Sofia has ventured out the music industry at a young age. “[Music] was always in me, there was never really a time where it wasn’t my passion. I never really saw myself doing anything else besides music growing up.” At a young age, she tried her hand at songwriting, inspired by her musical influences.
Sofia has matured as a recording artist in the short span of time she’s been with the label. She self-penned her latest single that perfectly showcases her talent and amazing vocals in the foreign-sounding pop-R&B piece.
Young as she is, she has quite a list of achievements to boot in terms of music. With passion as her stronghold, she aims to be a unique artist in the market. As per Sofia, “I dont really write to sell, it defeats the purpose of being an artist. Being yourself is key, it’s better to sound weird than to sound like every other “artist” in the market. We shouldn’t be afraid to express ourselves, that’s the point of being an artist after all.”
This young singer has a lot in store, aiming to release single after single as she goes on a journey of more years in the industry. Sofia Gonzalez Romualdez is definitely a young act to watch out for!
Check out her current single Pikit Mata on these digital platforms:
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