Friday, May 18, 2018

Jameson Blake and Janella Salvador Gives A Chemistry At Par With A Loveteam In SO CONNECTED

Hollywood have featured celebrity team-ups, who were not couples in real life, but their movies still became blockbuster hits. 

This is the case with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill (1999), and Julia and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman (1990) and Runaway Bride (1999). 

These team-ups never had romantic involvement, but their chemistry on the big screen drew moviegoers and made their movies huge earners in the box-office. 

In Regal Films, Inc. upcoming movie So Connected, Jameson Blake and Janella Salvador are pairing up for the first time. 

It did not take them long to realize their chemistry after they met on the set to start filming. It is proven that it does not have to be real life couple to have the magic onscreen just like what Janella and Jameson in So Connected.

Audience will surely be charmed on the flow of the story from how Karter Calma (Jameson Blake) pursues the Trisha Biscocho (Janella Salvador) and the sequences that follow are genuine. This is a romantic story of real people and very relatable. Audience will get hooked without getting distracted because the main leads are not superficial in portraying their roles. There is magic between Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake onscreen that will ride you to their journey of falling in love.

In the movie, Jameson plays Karter (Jameson), a video editor for a web channel whose phone got stolen by a crook. 

By twist of fate, the phone falls into the hands of Trisha (Janella), an independent young woman trying to support her family. 

Through modern technology, Karter gets a glimpse of Trisha’s life in videos and photos uploaded in the online world and finds himself slowly falling for her and then resolves to find her. 

Will he be able to convince Trisha that they have a genuine connection and win her heart?

A must-watch scene in the movie is when Karter and Trisha do a duet together in the carinderia where Trisha is employed as a server. 

In an interview, Jameson was more vocal about the undeniable chemistry between him and Janella. 

He says, “I met her sa set. Nakita ko na may chemistry, yung feeling na di kailangan mag-exert ng effort, kusang lumalabas, that’s what I noticed.” 

As early as 2015, Jameson has been consistent in naming Janella as his celebrity crush in various interviews. 

Asked how his first meeting with Janella was, Jameson describes, “More than I expected. She was really approachable and nice to talk to. Nagkwentuhan kami. I got along with her.” 

He recounts that he exerted effort to reach out to his crush after meeting. 

“We talked about stuff we’re both interested in. 

“We just eventually started talking.

“And I was happy that she’s actually nice.”  

On her part, Janella knew that it would not be hard to establish rapport with her new leading man. 

The Kapamilya actress enthuses that working with Jameson in So Connected was a breeze. 

“He’s very nice, actually. I have no problem working with him at all because sobrang light lang ng aura niya. 

“Sobrang good vibes lang and masaya siya ka-work,” Janella expressed. 

However, their team-up did not come without challenges. 

But the young actress is up to the challenge to make his team-up with Jameson work, regardless if they are not a real-life couple. 

“It’s always nice to try something new and I think it’s good growth din as an actress. 

“Whatever personal it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for work,” she explains. 

Furthermore, Jameson’s gut feel was validated when the production people saw that the two have chemistry while they were shooting the film. 

“They believe that we could actually pull off the movie that they like. It’s a great experience,” Jameson beams.

So Connected also stars Paulo Angeles, Krystal Brimner, Cherise Castro, Ruby Rodriguez, Rolando Inocencio and is directed by the highly-respected Jason Paul Laxamana and will open in cinemas on May 23.

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