Friday, May 11, 2018

A Mother's Love Is Always Panalo

Have you recently watched the "Always Panalo" Puregold video where it featured Batangas representative and the Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos and her son, award-winning host Luis "Lucky" Manzano, dancing in sync as they go grocery shopping? IT MADE MY DAY!!!

Ever since Luis was born, he has been a household name, as his mom, Vilma, always mentioned him in her then musical variety show ‘VILMA’ as she usually exclaims: "I Love You, Lucky!" It was not yet clear then that he'll be joining showbiz but fans were already excited to see more of him. He kicked off his showbiz career doing a hosting stint at Master Showman on 1997 before he transferred to his long-time home network ABS-CBN in 2003. 

Theirs is the mother-son tandem where they publicly kiss each other up to these days. In fact, they inspired me to publicly show my love for my mom.

Though they focused on different career directions, they both stood out together in the 2009 film "In My Life" where both were recognized for their performances. There's a clamor for them to work again in a similar project but only time will tell when it will happen. 

I was excited when I saw their recent video on Puregold’s Facebook page where Luis invited his mom Vilma to an activity that she both loved – grocery shopping and dancing! With the help of choreographer and friend Maribeth Bichara along with Puregold mommies, they "kembotify" the shopping experience along the grocery hallways. 

Ate Vi has always been graceful as she kembot her way while grocery shopping. I wouldn't be surprised if I'll see mommies doing the same every time the jingle is played. And who knows, Ate Vi might surprisingly dance with our moms! Ohhh my, what an exciting sight to catch! (P.S.: I'm starting to memorize the steps already so I could teach it to my mom. Hahaha!)

Luis is not at par with his mom when it comes to dancing but then seeing them dancing together is a sight to behold. They have the harmony distinct to any mother and son out there. A harmony developed from a relationship that withstood all successes and failures.

Grocery shopping is one of the favorite activities that I enjoy doing with my mom. Tables have turned already as it is I who does the grocery shopping for her whenever she's in town. I learned from her the benefits of listing down what to buy and checking out what our current supplies are so as not to waste money on impulse buying.

It has been a therapy for us and will surely include it as one of the activities I would love to do with my mom this Mother's Day. We will enjoy a sumptuous dinner prepared out of the stuff we will buy from the grocery! 

We can always celebrate Mother's Day with simple treats like grocery shopping and dancing. It will always be meaningful as we take time to make our mothers feel extra special on this marvelous day.

**Luis has been with the top supermarket chain since 2015 and it’s a welcome treat to have his mom onboard as well.

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Happy Mother's Day to all the momshies all over the world!!!

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