Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Chikkaness' Top Ten Shopee Item Wishlist

I just celebrated my birthday last month and Christmas is like eight months away from now but my heart is full of wishes already. Apart from good health, safety and world peace, I have came up with ten material things I wish to have. 


I attended the product's media launch and I fell in love with this phone. It produces crisp photos that's Instagram worthy and high-quality videos that would surely elevate my vlogging. It's quite expensive but I'm willing to work my ass off just to get hold of this latest Samsung smartphone offering. 

LV Traveling Bag

Traveling makes me sane and feeds my soul with good vibes. I normally travel five times in a year and having this LV traveling bag will surely add an IT feeling for being privileged to explore the beauty of the world. 

Transcend Portable Hard Drive

With almost three events being attended in a day plus my travel getaways, my 64gb phone memory tends to be always full in just a day. Having this hard drive, I will not be worrying about memory space and will focus on taking pictures and videos for my blog feature stories.

Floral Shirt

Yes it's summer and this shirt is definitely in. But what I love with this style is that it becomes versatile already that it can be worn whatever season we are in. Being in floral attire also enhances my sunshine personality.

Anti-Theft Waterproof Bag

I want a slash-resistant bag. When I'm on my daily commute sometimes I get to sleep on a train and I wanted to sleep peacefully without worrying that someone might be getting somethings out of my bag already.


Being busy sometimes make my excuses valid not to do exercise or sometimes sacrifice my health. It shouldn't be and I acknowledge that. With fitbit, I can now fully monitor how my body is doing in terms of the calories burned, steps took, and even measure my sleep quality.

Seiko watch

Yes I'm a watch collector especially the automatic ones. I love the quality of Seiko watches and it can be worn on any occasion. Don't you just love it's design? It's pretty.

 This gives me flexibility and convenience on my travels. It's easy to carry around with less effort plus it can accommodate more clothes. I normally pack 6 days worth of clothes for a 2-day trip.

Snowcaps Glutathione

I love being at the beach but I don't want to get dark. That's why with Snowcaps Glutathione a few hours of sun exposure will not easily darken my skin. Beyond that though it also improves my over-all health.

Floral bedsheets

After a super tiring day, I just wanted to have a good sleep that will easily transport me to dreamland. Having these kind of bed sheets will surely help.

So now you know what you can give me when you wanted to make me feel special. Hehe It won't be that to difficult to get hold on as with the Shopee application, it will make shopping more convenient and stress free for us. 

Check out 
to know more about the said app.

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