Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Chikkaness' Summer Must Haves

Even before summer officially started I've been out to the waters as early as March especially recently in Siargao where I celebrated my birthday. Though I don't know how to swim, I still consider myself a beach person because I love the crowd and the apparel of being worn. It is a happy place where I can sip the best fruit juice or shake out there, lazy around with a good read, or simply sight-seeing and pictorials for my Instagram posts.

Check out the below list of must haves to make your summer experience a better one.

Waterproof Bag

This is the perfect gear to ensure that your essential are water-proof to keep your adventures worry free.

Water Bottle

With the scorching heat we need to keep ourselves hydrated but at the same time save mother earth by reducing consumption of plastic. This will definitely saves you money also.

White shirt

Keep it cool and clean. I don't know but wearing white makes me feel cooler.

Take care of your lips from cracks. Moisturize it with a lip balm that best suits you.

I don't want to have pictures where my eyes are not smiling because of the direct heat from the sun. Also, I look better with the sunglasses on. Hehe


I pick a sunscreen that's not too heavy and sticky on my face. Too much exposure to sun will make you look dry and old. So protect yourself.

Floral Apparel

This is the best season to wear those florals. 

Water Skin Shoes

This helped me a lot during my Siargao trip where there's just a lot of pointed rocks on the shore especially during low tide.

So there you go, my summer must haves! Good news is it's easier to get hold of them by just using the Shopee app where they offer products of top quality and at a very affordable prize. Watch out for their Super Sale happening on May 5 where you can score P55 deals, buy 1 take 1 deals, and category sales at up to 90% off.

To get to know more about Shopee check out

Where do you plan to go this summer? What are your must-haves? Enjoy the summer and keep the tourist spots litter-free. Share it in the comment section below.

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