Monday, March 19, 2018

Report, Improve and Be Rewarded: AutoConscience App Promotes Better Driving Behavior

Every now and then we need someone to provide us a constructive feedback that will lead us to further improve in whatever that we do. Sometimes we see things as right when in fact wrong when no one is calling us out. Sometimes we do good things but kinda disheartened when those are being overshadowed by the misdeeds of others. 

I'm glad I discovered an app where both bad and good feedback can be provided that will motivate us to become better. This is the AutoConscience app where it highlights outstanding and disgusting behavior on the road. I drive my own car and it pains when people generalizes the kind of vehicle drivers we have in the Philippines. Some are commendable but others are reprehensible.

Since drivers have no means of communicating in a civil manner then it’s no wonder that our roads are not only chaotic but also actively hostile, eg. people blocking intersections, not following the right of way, counterflowing. Obnoxious driving behavior causes traffic and leads to a stressful driving experience for everyone.

The key to better driver behavior would be to enable positive communication and feedback to drivers. Wouldn't you feel better when you can say thank you to the person who let you merge into his lane?

AutoConscience enables sending reports directly to the driver in question. All reports are linked to the license plate of the vehicle in question. The service has preselected messages which are easy to select and send (this also precludes the possibility of users sending spam, harassing or hostile messages).

AutoConsicence is designed to play like a game where the user is rewarded for driving properly as well as reporting other good (and bad) drivers. 

It's currently visited by more than two thousand people a day and here's me hoping that more and more registered, active users will make use of this app.

Encouraging simple behavior can have outsized beneficial results. For example, studies have shown that failure to properly use turn signals causes more accidents than distracted driving. Thus, AutoConscience, by promoting good driver behavior, would directly contribute to faster traffic in the city.

But with AutoConscience everyone can say thank you to the good driver who used their turn signal or who properly stopped at an intersection. Acknowledging and praising good driving will lead to a safer and faster road experience for everyone.


Do you offer any rewards for good drivers?
Yes! Free gas for the following:
a. The most highly rated driver per month (you do not need to be a registered user)
b. The person who helps us find the most highly rated driver (you do not need to be a registered user) 
c. Users randomly selected when we reach our community goals (you need to be a registered user)

How do I use AutoConscience?
You can go to the site ( or download the Android app ( ). From either the site or app you just type in the license number of the car you want to report and select from a menu of options. All reports are confidential and anonymous. The driver of the car you report will receive your report (if he's a registered user) but will not see who reported it. We hope that good drivers get thanked for their decent behavior on the road and that this will lead to even more good behavior - easing traffic for everyone.

Benefits to registering?
You do not need to register to use AutoConscience. If you do register you gain access to all of the reports sent about your car. (Perhaps you did not block a traffic intersection and someone said thank you for that or you let another car merge and then said thanks.) Registering also makes you eligible for rewards such as free gasoline and allows you to gain levels as a user, accumulating badges and points along the way.

How do I find out what other people are reporting about my driving?
You gain access to that information by registering. Registration is free!

What kind of buzz is AutoConscience generating?

Currently it's visited by more than two thousand people a day and we have a small but growing number of registered, active users. 

It's still early days for the app and the team but already we have garnered some positive press. It was selected as one of the finalists in the 2017 Startup Summit Philippines  ( and was invited to pitch the idea to Korean investors at Spring Valley, a startup incubator in the Philippines (

For more information of the AutoConscience app, check them below.

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