Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WATCH: Maine spends one sweet day in McDonald’s new Sweet Soy Chicken Fillet ad

Maine stars in her first TVC for 2018 with McDonald’s!

It’s the start of another year, and there’s no better time to set new goals and experience new things. Just ask Maine Mendoza, who kicked off her 2018 with a McDonald’s TV commercial featuring their latest offering, the Sweet Soy Chicken Fillet!

Check out the Phenomenal Star HERE as she showcases the personality we all know and love. In the video, we see Maine cruising down a highway on a roadtrip and singing a catchy rendition of the song, “Rainbow”along with a new friend, a cute and cuddly white stuffed teddy bear.  While on the road, she makes a pit stop at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru and orders the new Sweet Soy Chicken Fillet!

This exciting addition to McDonald’s best-selling Chicken Fillet range features the crispy chicken fillet that we all crave—now glazed in a lusciously rich, sweet, and garlicky sauce. It’s definitely a delicious and savory way to welcome the New Year!

Just like Maine, you can now try the new Sweet Soy Chicken Fillet along with the Crispy Chicken Fillet and Chicken Fillet Ala King starting at just P55 for solo orders. Here’s to trying out new things this 2018!

McDonald’s Sweet Soy Chicken Fillet is available any time of the day at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. You can also order through or using the McDo PH app.

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