Tuesday, December 5, 2017


It looks like Maja Salvador imbibed her “Wildflower” character Lily Cruz in her breathtaking helicopter scene from the hit primetime series that went viral last Monday (Dec 4).

“Lily Cruz is known for her fearless attitude, so I think her strength and courage possessed me that day when we were shooting the scene,” Maja said.

In the behind-the-scenes video that made the rounds online, the “Wildflower” star is seen effortlessly hanging on to a helicopter in heels and wearing no harness.

“When I saw how the double did the scene, I said that maybe I could do it too. We are already in our fourth season, so I wanted to offer something new to the audience,” Maja shared.

“However, when I was already up high, I repeatedly prayed to the Lord and asked Him to protect me,” Maja added.

Aside from the helicopter scene, Maja was been praised by netizens for a scene where she fired a gun while riding a motorbike.

Twitter user @askjaysantiago said, “Maja Salvador raised the standard when it comes to action and drama scenes. She just did it with no stunt double. It’s one of the scenes I will never forget. I’m a proud fan.” #WildflowerPagtakas

Meanwhile, @kyladejsus31 shared, “This is my first time tweeting about Wildflower since I’m not an active Twitter user. I think Wildflower can contend as a Hollywood action movie, and this is why I love watching it every day. Hands down the episode was super epic!!”

“Maja looks like an action star! Go Lily Cruz!,” DenInTheLoop said.

In the said “Wildflower” episode, Lily exposed Helena Montoya’s (Zsa Zsa Padilla) identity as big-time syndicate leader Red Dragon, but the latter successfully escaped authorities. Lily, however, saw it coming and teamed up with Diego (Joseph Marco) and the National Bureau of Investigation to catch Red Dragon.

How will Lily ensure Red Dragon’s capture?

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