Monday, November 27, 2017

Things I Like, Making Gift-Giving More Fun

If there's a must-have mobile application that should be on your phone now, then it's the "Things I Like" that makes gift giving a lot more fun and efficient.

Who wouldn't want to receive the gifts that we wished for? With this app, you will be able to enlist the things that you've been rooting for and may even suggest to your potential gift givers where they could purchase it. You will also save them the hassle of giving the same gifts or providing you gifts that you may not find useful. 

This is very easy to use and is straight-forward as to why this is developed in the first place. Just sign-up or use your Facebook credentials as log in then voila, you'll have your dashboard available already and start putting the gifts you wished to receive. You could also view what's on the wishlist of your favorite celebrities and give them gifts to make them feel extra special. If you share the same wishlist, then you could simply repost it to your profile as well.

There are also e-cards available that you could customize and send to your loved ones on special occasions. You can make use of their "Shuffle and Search" Tool that's found at the bottom left if you wanted to have a view of the gifts that are commonly liked and reposted.

The app is so addicting that it's bringing out the materialistic in me. On a positive note, it also inspires me to do better in my livelihood, so I could personally purchase the things I like on my wishlist.

This app was developed in Hong Kong and is now leveraging our country, the Philippines as the social media capital of the world, in terms of full deployment.

The app is now available for both iOS App Store and Android PlayStore.

If you wanted to know the product more, then see these links - and

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