Thursday, November 16, 2017

How did Myrtle Sarrosa achieve her GSM Blue Calendar Body?

Myrtle Sarrosa confessed that she doubted herself at first when she was offered to model for the GSM Blue calendar. But later on, the Kapamilya actress realized that being sexy goes beyond the physical attributes of a woman and how the society defines it so she accepted the offer from Ginebra. It paved the way for a new chapter in her life to unfold.

“When we think of calendar girls, they must be the complete definition of what is ‘sexy’ and honestly, my insecurities in the past made me feel that I just don’t fit that standard of sexy. But I have learned that sexiness isn't a shape, it's an attitude. Through this entire process, na-realize ko that sexy is not just about your body, your weight or the clothes that you wear because there is no one-size-fit-all definition for sexy. We each have our own incredible curves and body structures. Sexiness is embracing these unique parts of you and bringing out the best of it through proper diet and exercise,” she remarked.

Her GSM Blue journey involved a lot of preparations and hardwork. Myrtle did not just want to be fit, but she also wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle to the ladies who look up to her.  

“I had to commit to a healthy diet, working out three to five times a week and getting enough sleep. I don’t want to just lose weight. If you just skip eating for days, you’ll definitely lose weight but I don’t want to do that. I wanted to make sure that I was losing it the right way and making sure that my health is still high priority. I’m sure that a lot of people are going to be looking at me so I don’t want to promote anything that’s unhealthy,” she stated.

She also committed to a 1,400-calorie diet that is high in protein and low in carbs. “My goal kasi is to build muscles and tone my body. So my meals are often egg whites, chicken, fish and beef. I don’t eat rice, bread and corn though not unless I buy the ones that are high in fiber. I eat every after three hours. I don’t want to deprive myself from food kasi I don’t want to promote anything that’s unhealthy. You burn it anyway at the gym,” she said.

The GSM Blue calendar girl has been training under Bok Santos, who is also the trainer of other Kapamilya celebrities. “When we first started out, he really pushed me to bring out my best. I told him that my goal is to achieve the best version of my body. I’m not afraid of lifting weights. I actually want to build muscles,” she relayed.

Love also played a part in Myrtle’s preparation to become her best self. She admitted that the highs and lows of romance have somehow pushed her to be better in the process.

Sa totoo lang falling in love and falling out of love helped me achieve my calendar body now. Months ago, I was dating someone who I had a major crush. Tapos pag-in love ka kasi you want to impress that person at gagawin mo lahat to catch his eye. Sabi nga nila diba? You’re instantly blooming when you’re inlove cause you want to look good for that person. So kahit anong hirap sa gym, parang wala lang kasi you’re inspired,” she shared.

She further revealed, “But months later, we had a falling out and I had my heart broken. My initial reaction was to start eating unhealthy food. I was on self-destruct mode for days. I was binge-watching Netflix, eating gallons of ice cream and chocolates. Ang dami kasi biglang time that you used to spend with that person na ngayon hindi mo na alam kung anong gagawin. I felt lost. But I decided to quit ang pag mumukmok sa kwarto and to use the free time instead at the gym to get over him and get stronger.”

Despite the heartbreak, Myrtle decided to pull herself up and focused on working out.  “Kung dati ang hirap to get out of bed, I decided to force myself to workout with Coach Bok and sa totoo lang it really helps to make you forget. It’s true when they say that you can mend a broken heart by lifting weights. Siguro sa sakit na pinag-dadaan ng puso mo, namamanhid na din muscles ko. Hindi ko na nararamdaman ang pagod. After weeks, I saw great amounts of progress and results in my body and I also got to sweat out the sadness,” she stated.

As she moved forward in life and focused on achieving her goal, Myrtle did not only attain fitness but also realized the essence of knowing her self-worth as a woman.

Siguro the most important part about this is to workout not for other people but for yourself. Don’t do it to impress someone, to fetch for compliments or to get revenge. Do this to improve your own health and to feel good about your body. Never rely on other people for your own happiness and self-worth.”

What is her message to all the girls who want to achieve their “dream body” and to be a calendar girl like her in the future?

“The most important part really is to work out to work on yourself and to better one’s self and not for anyone else. They can achieve their dream body if they focus and stay committed to their workout, diet and rest. To girls who get their heart broken, instead of crying,  go to the gym and better yourself,” she stated.

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