Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Debutantes Movie Review: A "How will she die" kind of horror flick that everyone would love guessing

A naive and mysterious teenage girl wants to fit in (Kate played by Sue Ramirez). A group of popular teenage girl-kada (Miles Ocampo, Jane de Leon, Chanel Morales and Michelle Vito) rules the campus. They invited her to attend Jenny's (Jane) debut party which incidentally Kate's 18th birthday as well. Kate was mocked while on stage, walked out, cried and everyone in the group started to die on their 18th birthday. You might have an idea who the suspect is but surprisingly, you may be wrong. 

The Debutantes is one of those horror movie genre films that is perfect for a movie to watch with your friends. It's one of those "How will she die" kind of horror flicks that everyone loves guessing in watching a "slasher" film.

I would like to commend the performances of Sue and Jane that made their characters believable. Sue's expressive eyes are her strong asset that you don't need to see her scream just to witness the anxiety and fears that her character is going through. Jane was compelling in her bitchiness but was heart-breaking on her death scene. 

The Debutantes gave me enough scares for me to close my eyes in some scenes. I may not agree with the natural choices of the characters when there's an anticipated threatening situation already but I guess that made me more involved as an audience. It's a pretty straightforward horror flick that did not bank on romance and comedy. 

Director Prime Cruz succeeds in combining a dreadful sound design and horrifying preparatory scenes that added to the intensity of the situation. 

The Debutantes is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.

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