Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Loving In Tandem Review: Teen Romance Film With Full Of Heart

Filled with the sort of situational laughs and classic pa-kilig scenes, "Loving In Tandem" is a pleasure to watch because I can't believe that newbie actors are pulling it off with grace. 

Director Giselle Andres was able to blend well the imperfection of the characters making them more relatable and real. Edward and Maymay's characters were absolutely full, clearly defining where their love and hatred are coming from. Good thing that they studied it well as it shows in their portrayal.

Barber, may not, strictly speaking, be playing himself, but he seems to have prepared for the role with the nuances he conveyed. It was impressive to note that his scenes with Maymay sparkled because they naturally nailed it. Entrata, on the other hand, seems to be portraying herself and her outbursts were properly established. She certainly stole my heart in her scene with Edward where she was commanding him to say sorry to his mom.

I love MayWard here because it was evident that they're collaborating, ensuring that they did their best so both of them will shine. They have also very able supporting system from their co-actors. Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo have their share of kilig moments as well that I'm anticipating already a movie with them as leads is not far from possible.

I was not short-changed with laugh out loud moments from its cast especially those coming from Ryan Bang and Maymay Entrata. 

I watched the film in a special screening and  I'm a witness that the audiences were glued throughout its running time as it's a teen romance story with full of heart. It's breaking the formula for teen-romance movies.

Three things about the film are unexpected. The first is how promising MayWard as actors. They can effectively communicate the emotions required from them. They're relaxed and spontaneous that you'll forget they're new actors. Second, on how the context of being prisoners of love was elaborated based on the stories of Shine and Luke. And third, that this movie espouses the Filipino love and hospitality. 

"Loving In Tandem" is now showing in cinemas nationwide.


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