Thursday, September 28, 2017

Last Night Movie Review: A Polished Direction and Screenplay of A Love Story That's Endearing and Life Changing

Joyce Bernal's direction is as polished as Bela Padilla's screenplay, and she gets the perfect lead stars to exemplify a love story that's endearing and life-changing.

Last Night is a combination of profound but sometimes humorous dialogue, unselfconscious performances, and evocative cinematography (Manila is so beautiful!) that makes the film an elegant work of art.

The sensitive portrayals of Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga as Mark and Carmina, respectively was a splendor to watch. Their intimate scenes (not sex scenes) were subtle and beautifully shot.

Piolo and Toni were the perfect fit to play the characters of Carmina and Mark. The soundtrack was very eargasmic and appropriate for the story that was being told; the ending hit my heart badly that I wished there was no end for their characters. 

Each scene, every word uttered by the characters were clearly thought of that never did I thought that it was a product of a newbie screenwriter, Bela. It was translated to the script's great full potential as Bb Joyce Bernal was able to come up a beautifully and passionately crafted movie. Though there were some slow points, I think that slowness should be savored to have a deep appreciation of its story.

I left the movie house with a broken and a contrite heart not because I regretted watching it, but with the realization that love stories do not necessarily have a happy ending on earth as it could potentially happen beyond what we thought of. 

Last Night is currently showing in theaters nationwide.

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