Tuesday, September 5, 2017

FanGirl FanBoy Showcases The Adorability of the JulianElla loveteam

A delightfully teen romance story, FanGirl Fanboy is an enjoyable film that takes a familiar plot to the Pinoy's fondness on K-dramas and makes it fresh.

If this movie was made just to showcase the adorability of JulianElla loveteam, then no doubt that they have it! Ella Cruz was sweet and appealing in that black dress worn by the character she was dubbing for in a K-drama. Add to that the engaging smile of boy-next-door Julian Trono, who played Ollie Fernandez was an easy sell. 

This film is a straightforward interpretation of its title about doing silly things for your idol, making unwanted sacrifices, and confronting truths that you have known before.

The sweet chemistry between Ella and Julian is strikingly charming - you're rooting for them because you know that there's a special bond that translates out of their characters in the film.

As you watch this film, feel free to be thrilled or to giggle, especially on the formulaic slow motions when the main characters' eyes lock on each other and of course on their very enticing kissing scene (s).

FanGirl, FanBoy is a Joyce Bernal Production in cooperation with N2 Productions and distributed by Viva Films. The film is under the direction of Barry Gonzales and currently showing nationwide.

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