Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Converse is excited to celebrate the iconic One Star, welcoming Zhang Yi Xing into its community of collaborators. Zhang Yi Xing is collaborating with Converse to share his passion for One Star and the spirit of today’s youth, first through the latest One Star seasonal lookbook.

The One Star, born in 1974 originally as a basketball sneaker, has transcended sport to become a staple of street style. The One Star has been adopted by punks, skaters, artists, fashion designers and countless other cliques over the last 40 years, each time developing a greater cultural significance. Presented by Zhang Yi Xing, this year’s One Star is upgraded in both materials and colours.

Through this partnership with Converse, Zhang Yi Xing as Asian ambassador joins the ranks of the Converse collective, a remarkable group of young artists and ambassadors of individuality, creativity and the spirit of today’s youth. The Converse Collective already includes the likes of Miley Cyrus and Tyler, the Creator.

With over 25 million fans on Weibo, Zhang Yi Xing is a distinctive and hugely popular role model among China’s youth. Born in 1991, Zhang Yi Xing has continued to make an impact in the world of music world and challenged himself in all areas of entertainment, including TV and film. This is the One Star spirit he stands for —— constant movement through creative expression.

“I’ve always really liked Converse.” Zhang Yi Xing says, “So it is quite amazing to be able to share the spirit of the sneaker, because I’ve loved it since I was young, and now I can be the one wearing it. Standing for the daringly free, expressive and creative is so natural – sounds just like me!”

As one of the younger generation, Zhang Yi Xing shares in the belief of being able to express his true authentic self. Through his experiences and achievements so far, he has already shown his daring spirit to do so. Together with Converse, that daring spirit will find more and more creative outlets for expression.

The forthcoming lookbook partnership is just the first step in Zhang Yi Xing’s relationship with Converse since joining the family. Stay tuned for more upcoming collaborations exploring his unique daring spirit.

For more of Zhang Yi Xi, like Converse Philippines facebook page at and follow their instagram @converseph. #OneStar

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