Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Vivoree Esclito Surprised By Family and Fans with a Coachella Birthday Celebration

The pretty birthday celebrant in her Coachella outfit
Former PBB housemate was surprised by her family and fans last August 6 with a Coachella themed birthday party, two days after her actual birth date. The 17-year old talented star was caught in awe with the special celebration prepared for her.
Vivoree's birthday wish is happiness for everyone she loves - her family, friends and fans

Vivoree is all smiles with the birthday surprise prepared by her fans

Vivoree blowing her birthday candle
The "Go Getter Girl of Bohol" looked stunning in her Coachella outfit. I found her more beautiful and slimmer making her ready for possible projects. I witnessed how graceful she dance is and with the right exposure, in time she will be tagged as a Dance Princess to watch out for.

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Her fans prepared a special video for her on her PBB journey

Vivoree watching a throwback of her PBB stint and dance videos
Joining Vivoree are her former PBB housemates Christian Morones, Baninay Bautista, Jerome Alcere, Kristine Hammond and Heaven Peralejo.

Some of Vivoree's PBB housemates made it to the birthday celebration

Heaven Peralejo

Kristine Hammond
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Check out other photos below from Vivoree Esclito's surprise birthday celebration with a Coachella theme that was prepared by her fans.

Check the video below for the highlights of her 17th birthday celebration that was held at Packo's Grill last August 6, 2017. I'm excited already on what will be her debut like next year.

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