Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Social Commerce comes to Southeast Asia with the launch of iamClaire. in the Philippines

FEMALE POSITIVITY AND EMPOWERMENT CONTINUES ONLINE. (L-R): Liam Mendoza, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, ALTUS Digital Capital; Bea Binene, TV actress and August cover girl of IamClaire; and Randy McGraw, co-founder and director, ALTUS Digital Capital. ALTUS Digital Capital recently launched its new social commerce platform iamClaire. last August 22. iamClaire. is a website that allows millennials to read and share beauty, health & wellness and lifestyle experiences, and buy products online. This is the first in the country and in SEA.

With a mission of empowering positive transformations amongst female millennials, ALTUS Capital Digital launches iamClaire in the country – a fully-integrated community, media, and online buying platform that synergizes all three elements in new, meaningful ways.

Female millennials can consume tips and lifehacks from videos on beauty to articles on lifestyle and product reviews. Then there is a simple, fun way to buy them that is tied to the content and the community elements. iamClaire. users can also create accounts, post content, connect with other iamClaire. members, and essentially create their own online buying experience.     
EMPOWERING ONE ANOTHER THROUGH SOCIAL COMMERCE. (L-R): Andrea Penaflor, one of iamClaire’s Fresh Faces; Gianna Banzon, lifestyle editor, iamClaire.; Yanna Cowper, model and influencer; Shari Macainag, beauty and lifestyle influencer; and Vern Enciso, lifestyle and fashion influencer. Social media influencers share their take on how digital platforms can empower women and change the online buying experience  at the launch of new social commerce website,  iamClaire last August 22. The unique social commerce platform in Southeast Asia empowers millennials to read and share beauty, health & wellness and lifestyle experiences, and buy products online. 
“iamClaire. is about joining a community, a sisterhood that stands for positive transformation, about becoming a better you,” explains Liam Mendoza, vice president and chief operating officer, ALTUS Digital Capital.  
SOCIAL COMMERCE NOW IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. In this photo: Bea Binene, TV actress and August cover girl of iamClaire. Kapuso TV actress Bea Binene is the August cover girl of the new social commerce platform iamClaire. ALTUS Digital Capital launched iamClaire in the Philippines last August 22. Being a first in SEA, it has a mission of empowering positive transformation amongst female millennials. 

“We believe that launching iamClaire. in the Philippines represents the perfect opportunity to address the needs of both female millennial consumers and the brands in the beauty, health & wellness, and overall lifestyle sectors.  The shopping experience should be new— more social, more fun, more informed, and much less intrusive than what e-commerce presents them today,” says Randy McGraw, managing director and co-founder, ALTUS Digital Capital.

iamClaire. is the first product ALTUS Digital Capital has unveiled to the market. 

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