Wednesday, August 2, 2017

MarNigo: The Loveteam to Watch Out For

I'm a fan of loveteams (JaDine, KathNiel, LizQuen, AlDub, MayWard, Sharon-Gabby, Dawn-Richard, JoshLia, KimXi, KissNiel, SueJo, LoiNie, ElNella, BaiLona, McLisse, AnDren and the list just goes on) but there's a blossoming pair that keeps me excited to materialize, that is, MarNigo of Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual. I admit I'm close to these two as they remain accommodating and humble despite the successes they've been enjoying. I was once shipped their previous loveteams but I promise to myself that their pairing is something that I will ship further. 

It seems that my wish will come true already as the two will have their very first acting project together in the August 5 Maalalaala Mo Kaya episode.

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The potential of their tandem was once coined by Piolo Pascual when he visited the PBB house while Maris was there.  There has been a troop of supporters who were wishing for them to become potential loveteam but both had been paired with other teens stars. That wish has been resurrected when their performance at Inigo's digital concert has been the talk of the town and was seconded by Inigo's guesting at 4 Of A Kind Concert where both have a "kilig" number. Their chemistry is something that you don't need to push harder as it comes out naturally.

Last week on the story conference of Maris' latest film from Regal Entertainment, "Haunted Forest," she shared that she really looks forward to working with Inigo. Though she insisted that right now there's no malice between them, I and the other pushers, are hopeful that soon they'll feel that malice (in a nice way) already. Hahaha

I bumped into Inigo last Sunday at the grand finals of The Voice Teens and he shared to me that he watched my interview with Maris and he was all smiles about it. I just wish that someday I could interview them together.

There's just so much potential for the two as both are talented individuals. Producers could come up with an album for the two with their own compositions. Having them top bill a concert is a sure win, as both can sing and dance. Also, why not have Maris join Inigo to co-host on his online show in One Music PH YouTube channel, it will certainly be a hit. And they will certainly click in a romcom film especially that Maris has been exposed to film projects that expose her potentials as an actress.

What do you think of the MarNigo love team? Share your thoughts below.

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