Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Kristian Sarmiento, the dreamer to beat in the upcoming Gentlemen of The Philippines

A dreamer in Quezon is making a blast now in the pageantry as the upcoming competition, the 2017 Gentlemen of The Philippines, one of the promising search in the nation is about to come to its much-awaited finale.

His name is Kristian Sarmiento, 21 years old from Lucban, Quezon and stands 5 feet 10 inches who at this point of his life seems to be very motivated to bag a title in the national competition. This former Mr. Quezon of 2013 believes that joining Gentlemen of The Philippines can help him build his confidence, overcome body issues, and further develop his personality.

After announcing a number of fab and fit hopefuls in the race, Kristian remains outstanding and at par with his goal by managing his time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Working out has been my hobby for quite some time, I believe being fit makes me feel more comfortable and confident.” Kristian said.

With a little resemblance to Joko Diaz, an equally hot matinee idol in the 90s, Kristian trusts that if there are opportunities in the show business, he will have an open mind since he is very good in dancing. In fact, this is the core where he finds himself in a comfortable arena. If the audience are lucky in the upcoming Gentlemen Finale, they might see Kristian in his moves from the stage to your heart.

When talked about his family background, Kristian is very vocal about his love towards his siblings. “I grew up with my siblings since my parents has to work in another town” Kristian shared. Youngest among the 5 brothers and sisters, he believes that despite childhood rivalries amongst them, there is a home that will always be there for him at the end of the day.

Kristian is up to the upcoming challenge in the next couple of days, in fact, a lot of his supporters even build huge banners in different parts of Quezon to show their support to Kristian. They believe that Kristian can represent and inspire them through this competition.

You too can take part of the action in this exciting search—by joining the Facebook voting for your favorite Gentlemen of the Philippines! All you have to do is like the Facebook Pages of Gentlemen and Sash Factor account then, like or share Kristian’s Photo in this link: https://goo.gl/HGRDpB

Finals night of the Gentlemen of the Philippines will be on September 9 at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City.

Kristian, indeed dedicates his journey in GENTLEMEN to her mother, his major inspiration in life. 

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