Monday, August 7, 2017

"DOUBLE BARREL" Premiere Night and Film Review

(L-R) Director Toto Natividad, Jeric Raval, Ali Khatibi, AJ Muhlach and Phoebe Walker
Action films are making a comeback in Philippine movies and director Toto Natividad's "Double Barrel" from Viva Films will ignite the trend. 
AJ Muhlach and Phoebe Walker are new in  the action genre but they excelled in "Double Barrel"
The two engaged in an intimate scene that I think is needed in the story. More than their steamy scenes are their dramatic confrontations that added a delightful flavor to this seemingly quite "gory" film. The film was initially rated X because of its sensitive content and violence that led to cut some scenes but it did not degrade the meaning that it tries to convey.
More than AJ Muhlach's butt exposure, you'll be amazed by his sincere performance in the film.
AJ plays the character of a former drug pusher Jeff who then converted to a police asset in lieu of releasing from prison after he got caught during an extensive police operation at a slum area. 
Phoebe Walker is raw. Her acting is unique that's worth recognizing.
Pheobe plays Martha, wife of Jeff, who eventually turned into a hired killer to spare her family from being tortured by the policemen. 

High-speed vehicular chases, hand-to-hand combat, not to mention gun fights and explosions, are employed in this engrossing action movie that is based on a true story. 

The film was able to highlight the corruption in the society that leads to social injustice. Director Natividad has excellently provided a clear picture about this. It's a daring story to tackle and was done with good editing and pacing. 
AJ Muhlach and Phoebe Walker at the red carpet

Al Khatibi, Toto Natividad, and Lance Raymundo
Here are the stars spotted at the red carpet premiere of "Double Barrel."
Jeric Raval with daughter Janina Raval

Ali Khatibi with supportive wife Cristine Reyes

Viva Artists Agency new artists supporting the "Double Barrel" premiere

ER Ejercito and son Jerico

Patricia Javier

Ronnie Liang
Check out the video below from the highlights of "Double Barrel" Premiere Night that was held at the Robinson's Galleria last August 7,2017.

"Double Barrel" will be showing starting August 9 in cinemas nationwide.

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