Monday, August 7, 2017

Cinemalaya 2017 "Nabubulok" Gala Premiere and Film Review

(L-R) Nabubulok director Sonny Calvento, Gina Alajar, JC Santos, Billy Ray and Ella Yu
I witnessed another successful gala premiere in one of the Cinemalaya's entries for main competition, "Nabubulok."  It's always a feast when Cinemalaya season where cinephiles line up and excitedly talk about the films they've watched. I love the crowd as they are more receptive and gracious moviegoers.

"Nabubulok" started when Ingrid (Gina Alajar) learned that her cousin Luna was missing. Luna is the wife of Jason, an American played by Billy Ray Gallion of the US Series "Lost". They have three children and one of them is Paul played by Jameson Blake. Suspicions arise when the Harper family have been acting mysteriously specifically Jason, the head of the family. Rommel played by JC Santos helped Ingrid in finding the truth about what happened to Luna as the story progresses. 
"Nabubulok" is the first directorial job of Sonny Calvento
Sonny is very proud of his film that he was able to finish it considering that he's new. He's grateful that his staff and crew put their trust on him and it's up to the audience already on how they're going to interpret the film.

The film is adorned with dark and shadows that enhanced the unsettling scenes and imagery. It also boasts from indelible performances of the cast. It's a mystery-suspense film that will bring you to a journey of finding a missing person. After watching the film, I realized that behind an enemy is a bigger enemy that sustains a rotten society.

Gina Alajar plays a neighbor who has been in search of her lost cousin

JC Santos plays a tricycle driver who suspects that the family of Jameson killed their own mother
JC is thankful that direk Sonny gave him the freedom to provide personality and nuances to his character. He had an amazing experience working with his co-actors.

Ella Yu did great in her first movie
Ella thinks that the film is good that every scene is something to look forward to from start to finish. She describes Sonny as a cool director to work with.

Also, in the cast are Jameson Blake, Lito Pimentel, Jerom Canlas, Sue Prado, Krystal Mejes, Dannah Cardoza, Jojo Riguerra, Paolo Rodriguez, Raul Morit.

The film was well received by veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez who was present in the premiere. For a newbie, director Sonny is good who tells his story in a clean manner, Sylvia shares.

Check out "Nabubulok" in the below schedule.

The director's father Tony Calvento was present at the gala premiere

Gina Alajar and JC Santos

Gina Alajar and Ella Yu

Playing husband and wife, JC Santos and Ella Yu, respectively

Gina Alajar, JC Santos, and Ella Yu

The crowd after the screening of "Nabubulok" at CCP Main Theater

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