Monday, August 7, 2017

A Chat With Ricky Kim

Korean-American actor Ricky Kim has recently visited the country when he and his family graced the opening Gen Korea BBX House located at the MOA by the Bay and for a fan meet at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall last August  dubbed as “Daddy’s Day Out: Ricky Kim and TaeTae Family in Manila”
Wacky time with Ricky Kim
His family was put into limelight when they star in the Korean reality show Oh! My Baby from 2014-2016. He also appeared in Korean dramas "Cunning Single Lady," “Law of the Jungle,” and "Falling for Innocence".

He just finished shooting his first Hollywood movie “HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress,” which is slated to be released by summer 2018. “HeavenQuest,” a faith-based fantasy movie, also features actors such as Fernando Romero, Allan Powell, Peta Sergeant and Korea’s Cha In-pyo and is based on John Bunyan’s work “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”
Ricky Kim is one of the foreign artists I loved to talk to

A no-holds barred interview with Ricky Kim and I did not feel intimidated

“My golden rule as an entertainer is to be transparent as I can be. I would never want to create a false image of myself, or be packaged into something I’m not just so I can be more famous.”

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