Friday, July 28, 2017

Young aspirants Mica, Jona, Isabela, and Jeremy battle it out to become the first-ever “The Voice Teens” grand champion

After standing out from thousands of aspirants, and proving themselves to the coaches and viewers, the four grand finalists of  The Voice Teens” are gearing up for the vocal battle of a lifetime, for a chance to be named the show’s first-ever grand champion in the country and in Asia as will be found out at the two-day grand finals happening on July 29 and 30 and which will be streamed simulcast its Philippine airing on ABS-CBN via TFC online ( in key countries worldwide.

Viewers are set to choose who among Team Lea Salonga’s Mica Becerro, Team Sarah Geronimo’s Jona Soquite, Kamp Kawayan’s (BambooIsabela Vinzon, and Team Sharon Cuneta’s Jeremy Glinoga will be hailed the season’s winner.  The grand champion will bring home a fashion package; a business package; a dental service package; Php 1 million cash; Php 1 million-worth of trust fund; a Php 2 million life insurance plan; and a brand new house and lot.

The artists will perform in three rounds to woo the Philippine public’s votes: a duet with their coach; an upbeat performance; and a power ballad that will be their finale performance.

Despite the fact that they have gained admirers and praises since the coaches first turned for them, the finalists are dealing with so much pressure that goes beyond performing to prove themselves worthy of staying in the competition.

Becerro of Team Lea had already impressed viewers and netizens during her blind audition, earning more than 9.9 million views on YouTube -- the highest among the posts of the teen artists’ video uploads this season.

A fearless girl and a risk-taking performer, Becerro wants to inspire young people to try other music genres. Known for her operatic singing, the Soprano Girl of Surigao del Norte has also proven she can make any song her own even when performing popular tunes.

Fourteen-year-old four-chair turner Soquite of Team Sarah, on the other hand, already has a lot of experience with singing contests.  Driven by her dream to provide a new home for her family who lives by a river, she will use everything that her singer father and coach Sarah have taught her to win this competition.

Soquite who is the youngest artist among the grand finalists, proves that she does not back down from any challenge by performing songs that showcase her versatility. The Tabing Ilog Sweetheart of Davao also been consistently receiving praises for her heartfelt singing.

Meantime, Kamp Kawayan's Vinzon always tries to own the stage, even while she had to endure countless criticisms for being a celebrity daughter. The Spunky Singing Beauty of Pampanga defended herself and revealed that just like other contestants, she lined up along with thousands of teen aspirants during the show’s auditions in Manila. The coaches, especially Coach Lea, had also spoken up to defend her against her bashers.

Now stronger and more determined than ever to win, Vinzon did not let her critics stop her from giving fiery performances every week. Audiences have come to expect her gutsy attitude on stage, and with a spot in the grand finale, she is set on building her own path to stardom.

Coach Sharon, meantime, is betting that Glinoga will be the first “The Voice Teens” champion. Although raised in the US., Jeremy shows his love for OPM music through his song choices.

The fans of the “Charming Cutie of California” are used to his crooning ballads, but he is sure to pull off surprises in the grand finale that will silence even the naysayers.

From whose team will the first-ever “The Voice Teens” grand champion come from? Whose performances will stand out?

Don’t miss the exciting vocal battle in “The Voice Teens: Grand Finale” as it names the next singing superstar, and which will be streaming simulcast its ABS-CBN airing via TFC online ( on July 29 and 30 in key countries worldwide. Catch-up episodes are available via TFC online ( and TFC IPTV, also in key countries worldwide. 

For more updates about the show, visit TFC’s Facebook page applicable for your area. Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas and follow @KapamilyaTFC on Twitter and Instagram.

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