Friday, June 23, 2017


Surge into an age of injections and structured living in the soft sci-fi drama “The Giver,” starring Academy Award winners Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges together with Australian actor Brendon Thwaites, on Tag TV’s “Movie Blowout” this Saturday (June 24).

The 2014 American star-studded title includes cast members Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Cameron Monaghan, and Taylor Swift.

Set in a seemingly picturesque world without war, suffering, differences or choice, “The Giver” tells the story of young Jonas (Brendon) who stumbles upon the Giver (Jeff), the sole keeper of the community's memories. Through him, Jonas discovers the true pains and pleasures of the "real" world. However, when he learns that the baby he loves as a brother will be eliminated, he comes to a decision—that to free his world, he has to defy it. He must do this against the Chief Elder (Meryl) who will do anything to stop him.

The social science fiction film, directed by Phillip Noyce, is adapted from the award-winning bestseller novel of the same name. It also received a People's Choice Award nomination for Favorite Dramatic Movie.

Haley Goldberg of LA Times compared “The Giver” to other dystopian novels-turned-movies such as “Hunger Games and “Divergent” as she reviewed both film and book novels.

“"The Giver" offers a more cerebral dystopia. Romance and violence exist only as undertones, with the driving force being the introspection of the main character, Jonas, as he takes on the work of the Giver and learns what his society left behind.”

Film critic Amy Nicholson also attested to this in her critique in the Houston Press. “The Giver is more simple and raw than the rest of today's teen dystopias that try to cram in unnecessary backstory and love triangles.”

She also praised Director Phillip Noyce’s creative montages in the film that distinctly depict the weight of what Jonas has learned, and voiced the film’s relatability to youth.

Tag TV brings Filipino-dubbed foreign films showcasing a collection of rom-coms, dramas, action-packed movies, thrillers, comedies, and the freshest Hollywood and Asian titles. It features “Movie Blowout” everySaturday night, offering exciting flicks for the whole family.
Catch the mind-boggling story in “The Giver” on Tag TV this Saturday at 8PM. The film also airs on June 25 at 10AMJune 27 at 12AM, and June 30 at 8PM.  Tag TV is available on Skycable Channel 77. For more information, like Tag TV on Facebook and follow its official Twitter and Instagram accounts (@TagTVph).

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