Friday, June 2, 2017


One of the country’s most promising love teams, McLisse, composed of McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson will make fans fall in love will their rendition of the song “If We Fall In Love, to be released by Star Music.

“We’re both nervous and excited to share it with you guys. We’re excited because this is another ‘first time’ for us as a love team,” said Elisse.

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“We really prepared for this. We really took it seriously,” says McCoy. “I kept playing the song on repeat until I was already dreaming about it.”

Producer Rox Santos also shared that he had no difficulty working with the pair as the song suited them well. He also teased that there is a possibility for an album for the pair.

“We picked ‘If We Fall In Love’ because we all know their love team really swoons fans, and their journey is really something people watch out for every now and then,” said Rox. “So why not come up with a song that would bring out the ‘kilig’ in fans, and at the same time reflects the real score between them?”

Elisse also added, “When I read the lyrics, I said the song matches us. It’s difficult to say if it perfectly matches us, but I feel it’s really fitting.”

Hashtags member McCoy said he also feels a connection with the song, stating that "If We Fall In Love" does convey his status with Elisse. “There are still questions about what’s happening between us. We still don’t know what’s here, so the song really suits us,” he said.

The ballad, originally performed by Yeng Constantino and RJ Jimenez, was written and composed by RJ during his stay as a contestant in the 2006 hit talent-reality show “Pinoy Dream Academy.”

The new single is remastered by Rox Santos, featuring the voices of McCoy and Elisse. It is now available on Spotify and YouTube. For more information, visit or follow Star Music’s official social media accounts at, and

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